How to Save Money on Facial Moisturizers: Stop Washing Your Face

What is the ultimate in natural skin care products? Moisturizers from your own skin. Treat yourself everyday to an exclusive facial moisturizer, better than anything you’ll find at Neiman Marcus. Let your skin produce its own natural oils and don’t wash them away. Continue reading

What’s a Good Eye Cream?

Patients ALWAYS ask me about eye creams. The short answer: if you have lots of wrinkles, then most creams won’t make any difference. The best nonsurgical treatment for wrinkles around the eyes is Botox┬« — it is remarkably effective in treating crow’s feet and can help open your eyes giving you that wide-eyed, 20-something model look (if you go for that sort of thing). Continue reading

Look Younger and Save Money with These Makeup Facelift Tips

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were doing cardio at the gym. As I was catching up on my reading — immunobullous skin disease testing for dummies — my wife was next to me exclaiming, “Oh, my god! That’s amazing! That’s unbelievable!” I turned to her and asked, “What’s so unbelievable?” “These makeovers in the Oprah magazine,” she said. Continue reading