Food Friday: Make Your Own Natural Vitamin Water

Don’t buy expensive vitamin water; make your own natural vitamin water at home.

Lime Drops

As I’ve said here before, you don’t need to worry about drinking eight glasses of water a day. Drink after you exercise or sweat, if you live in a hot climate, or simply when you’re thirsty.

Drinking drinking water is healthier than drinking juice, coffee, or sodas (even diet). But what type of water should you drink?¬†I don’t buy expensive, aggressively marketed “super” or “vitamin” waters. I drink plain old H20.¬†Sometimes, though, plain water can be boring. So I make my own natural vitamin water by adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Here are three ways to make your own natural vitamin water.

1. Add thinly sliced cucumber and lemon or lime juice.

2. Add pineapple chunks and fresh mint.

3. Add orange, lemon, and lime slices.

4. Mix sparkling water with mashed fresh blueberries or blackberries and lime juice. Stir, strain, ice, and drink.

Got other ideas? Please share them with us below.

Photo credit: FCC Henrik Thorn