3 Ways to Lose Weight on Vacation

3 tips for losing weight while on vacation.

Go on vacation, and lose weight. Sound impossible? It’s not if you do the following three things:

1. In a city, use public transportation. You’ll walk more and learn more about the city.

2. Eat two, not three, meals a day to make up for the extra calories of eating out.

3. Save calories (and money) by stocking up on healthy snacks at a local market.

Even if you don’t lose weight, this will help you to not gain weight. What if you’re on a buffet-laden cruise? I’m still working on that answer.

Do you have any healthy vacation tips to share?

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Get Healthy in One Week: Take a Vacation

Annual vacations are beneficial to your mental and physical health.

You know that guy in your office who’s banked 6 months of vacation and reminds you of it every time you take a day off? Stay away from him. He’s bad for your health.

RIding Thunder Mountain three times in a row with your kids or enjoying a sunset with your spouse reduces anxiety and increases feel-good endorphins.

Take a week at least once a year. It might reduce your risk of heart disease and depression, while improving your sleep and chronic pain.

Unlike your week work, don’t schedule your entire vacation week. Block off some “do-whatever” time, and just go where the day takes you.

The healthiest vacation? Grab the Verizon coverage map. Pick a spot that has no cell phone coverage. Go there.

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