Don’t Pimp, Protect Your Ride

Installing UV-blocking films on your car window can help protect you from sun damage.

UV protect your car windows

Wrinkles and skin cancers are more common on your left side in the U.S. That’s because you get plenty of UV radiation through your car windows. Why not pimp up your ride and tint the windows? Because it’s against the law (at least here in California.)

Tinting is a driving hazard because it obstructs your view; it’s a safety hazard because an officer can’t see in your car when you’re pulled over.

Instead, install UV-blocking films such as LLumar, which block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. And don’t bother writing me after Highway Patrol has written you a ticket for having tinted windows. My letter to the judge, however convincingly written, won’t help you.

Photo credit: FCC, Justin Capolongo