Florida Teen Dies After Cosmetic Surgery

18-year-old Stephanie Kublea died after cosmetic breast surgery. It appears she died from a rare condition called malignant hyperthermia, which can occur as a result of even properly administered anesthesia. Continue reading “Florida Teen Dies After Cosmetic Surgery”

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Down

The rush to cosmetics by physicians ranging from ER doctors to Pediatricians has been amazing. But, is there a cosmetics bubble?

Some plastic surgeons … are seeing a drop-off in patient consultations, which is ‘usually a little bit of a precursor to lighter surgical calendars maybe 45 to 60 days out.’ … [B]reast-implant maker Mentor Corp. in Santa Barbara, Calif., says the surgeons … have noticed a drop in patient interest.

As long as the economy continues to slow, discretionary spending for cosmetic procedures will likely tighten. A potential benefit? You might be able to get in to see your physician sooner for that rash.