How to Remove Chest Hair

Explanation of different hair removal techniques for chest hair, including waxing, laser, and shaving.

Blame gold-medalist,¬†Ryan Lochte. The Olympic swimmer’s smooth chest is igniting a trend.

Here’s a quick look at different techniques for chest hair removal:

1. Shaving: Pros: Cheap, easy. Cons: Grows back quickly; itchy chest. Shave with the grain of the hair, not against it. And¬†Kramer’s wrong on this one. Shaved hair does not grow back thicker or darker.

2. Tweezing: Pros: Cheap, easy, hair grows back less quickly. Cons: It takes a long time, especially if you’re really hairy, and is slightly painful.

3. Depilatories: Pros: Painless, cheap. Cons: Funky smell, messy, and chemicals can cause irritation or rash.

4. Waxing: Pros: Hair grows back less quickly; faster than tweezing. Cons: It’s expensive and hurts, as Steve Carell illustrates. Don’t try it at home.

5. Electrolysis: Pros: Permanent. Cons: Permanent. Can also be expensive depending on the number of treatments needed, and hurts. It works by zapping the hair and plucking it out. The zapping part makes it more permanent than tweezing.

6. Laser hair removal: Pros: Permanent. Cons: Permanent. Very expensive and painful. It works by using a laser to explode the hair follicle, which feel like snapping a rubber band against your chest. It only works for darkly colored hairs. Lightly colored or gray hairs don’t respond.