Obesity is Linked with Increased Pain

Obesity is linked with increased pain.

You remember “no pain, no gain” — 1980’s. Jane Fonda. Aerobics. Leg warmers.

Today, we’d like to you think “less gain, less pain.” We’ve known for years that weight gain increases joint pain in arthritis sufferers. Now, according to new research from Stony Brook University, excess fat may be associated with increased inflammation, which can actually trigger chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

In the study, people with higher BMIs (body mass index) reported higher rates of intense pain. Why?

  • Excess fat leads to increased inflammation which leads to pain.
  • Depression can lead to pain, and many obese people are depressed.
  • People suffering from pain may avoid exercise, which can help reduce inflammation.

Photo credit: FCC, Photos by Mavis


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