5 Tips for Starting a Morning Exercise Routine

5 tips for starting a morning exercise routine.

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They’re morning people. They don’t need as much sleep as I do. They don’t have kids.

Excuses. The best of us have them.

Working out is difficult for most. Finding time to work out is onerous. But consider this: Studies show that people who exercise in the morning are more consistent exercisers, less likely to find excuses, and less likely to make poor eating decisions later in the day.

Here are 5 ways to help you start a morning exercise routine:

1. Set your alarm at NIGHT to go to bed 30 minutes earlier.

2. Set out your gym clothes before you go to bed.

3. Once it’s time to get up, don’t try to argue yourself into working out. It doesn’t work. Instead, tell yourself, “I work out every day. That’s what I do.”

4. Put on your gym clothes and lace up as soon as you stand up out of bed. Dressed like this, there’s no place to go except to work out.

5. Talk someone else into getting up early. You’ll be up to 60% more likely to follow through with your exercise plan if you have a partner who holds you accountable.

Got any tips for exercising in the morning? Please share them.

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