Why Do My Lips Dry Out At Night?

Lips dry out at night because all the moisture evaporates off your delicate lip skin. Drinking water doesn’t help. It’s a like a dolphin drying out when he’s out of water — giving him water to drink won’t help. Applying a barrier to prevent water from evaporating will help.

  • Use petroleum jelly (Vaseline, Aquaphor) or any lip balm that you like. Keep it at your bedside. Apply whenever you wake up.
  • Use a room humidifier and avoid antihistamine sleeping medications such as diphenhydramine.
  • Sleep with your mouth closed (not so easy, though).

Photo: Leo Reynolds, Flickr CC

5 Ways to Have Beautiful Lips


“Those lips that Love’s own hand did make.”

Shakespeare is referring to lips that the goddess of Love crafted with her own hands. Lips have always been an important feature in beauty, across time and cultures. Smooth, full lips can be attractive suggest youth and sensuality. Because we look at lips when people talk, they are a prominent feature on the face. Here are 5 tips to have beautiful lips. Continue reading “5 Ways to Have Beautiful Lips”

Glossy Lips Might Increase Risk of Cancer

Shiny lips are beautiful. Lip glosses bring out the natural color of your lips, and the shimmery light gives you an irresistibly-kissable look. Lip gloss also, however, allows ultraviolet radiation to penetrate the delicate skin of your lips, increasing the risk for sun damage and even lip cancer later in life.

glossy-lips.jpg Continue reading “Glossy Lips Might Increase Risk of Cancer”