Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff, no matter how severs, cannot cause hair loss.

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Dandruff cannot cause hair loss.

While claims abound that dandruff causes hair loss and balding, there is no scientific evidence that it does. Though unsightly, dandruff is normal. Almost everyone experiences it at some point in his or her life, though it afflicts men more often. (For more on that, check out a recent post of mine titled, “The Truth About Men and Dandruff.“)

If you have dandruff and are experiencing patchy hair loss, then it could be any number of other hair loss diseases, including male pattern hair loss or alopecia aerata. See your dermatologist who can help you.

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Losing Your Hair? Nix the Cigs this Year

Well, we have come to the end of another year. When you look into the mirror and reflect on 2007 do you notice that your hairline has given up ground that it once held? You’re not alone. As you can tell from the sheer number of ads in the newspaper sports section, male pattern baldness (or androgenic alopecia) is a common disorder. It affects up to 50% of adult men and a large percentage of adult women.

There are countless remedies from laser combs to hair transplant surgery to treat baldness, many of which work, most of which don’t. A new study published in the Archives of Dermatology has shown there might be a way to help your hair loss, and actually SAVE you money.

The study found that men who smoked were more likely to have hair loss than those who didn’t. They also found that there was a direct relationship between how much they smoked and how much hair loss they lost.

The reason why smoking causes hair loss is not clear. It might be that it affects circulation, restricting blood supply to the hair follicles, or it might be that it leads to an excess of androgenic hormones which trigger the change in the hair.

The benefits to your health from quitting smoking make a long list. You can now add “To keep a full head of hair” to the bottom. Perhaps it’s just the motivation you need to quit for the new year.