Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

Are your friends making you fat? Studies show that over time you become like your friends, so if they’re overweight, you’ll likely be overweight too.

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Your parents were right: You hang with the wrong crowd, you’ll become like them.

We humans are built to form groups. That’s how we survived on the savannah. However, groups can be good or bad for your health.

Studies show that over time you become like your friends. Are your friends overweight? Do they eat unhealthy foods? Do they have diabetes? Your’re more likely to have the same problems. Are you trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or cure your diabetes? Then find a group of people trying to do the same. This is why programs like Weight Watchers are so effective — they are small groups of people trying to get healthy, just like you.

Whether a fitness class, an online community, or a program like Weight Watchers, find a group that’s heading in the direction you want to go, and join them.

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