The Life Lesson that Golfer Adam Scott Taught Us All on Sunday

Pro golfer Adam Scott teaches us a lesson about the importance of gratitude.

By most accounts Adam Scott choked on Sunday. He had the lead, the swing, and the confidence. He should have won the Open. He lost.

The lesson he taught us was not how to collapse but how he handle a loss like a champion. When asked about his loss he didn’t makes excuses, he didn’t berate himself, he didn’t fire off positive statements about how he’s gonna get them next time.┬áHe simply expressed gratitude:

“I managed to hit a poor shot on each of the closing four holes. Look, I played so beautifully for most of the week. I shouldn’t let this bring me down.”

Scott was grateful to have played so well in one’s of golf’s greatest tournaments. Studies show that expressing gratitude in a journal or to others leads to more happiness, optimism, and better health.

At the end of the day today, write down something for which you’re grateful. That’s a lesson from a pro that will elevate your game.

Photo credit: FCC, Hone Morihana