What’s a Good Acne Concealer?

A patient asked me this morning, “What is a good acne concealer?”

This comes up often. In fact, it was a recent post at The Makeup Minute blog. I often recommend Neutrogena’s SkinClearing┬« oil-free concealer. Concealers are commonly oil based and can further clog your pores, worsening your acne. pd_00157_00_lg.jpgThis Neutrogena product is oil free. It also contains salicylic acid which helps the skin to exfoliate, unblocking the hair follicle and allowing for the trapped sebum to come to the surface. This helps speed-up the healing.

They come in different shades to match your skin color and even have a concealer with a green tint — the green color helps to offset the underlying red color of the spot, making it look more like your natural skin tone.