Accutane and Suicide

Parents are sometimes reluctant to start their teenagers on Accutane┬« (isotretinoin) because they are concerned that their child might be at increased risk of committing suicide because of the drug. A paper presented at the American Academy of Dermatology 66th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX last month helps to dispel this myth. Continue reading “Accutane and Suicide”

Severe Acne is a Heartbreaker

acne3.jpgI saw a polite, soft-spoken boy this week with severe cystic acne.

“How long have you had acne?” I asked.

“For about two years.”

“Have you been treating it?”

“Yeah. Actually I’ve spent so much money on acne medication that my mother made me get a part time job to start paying for it,” he replied. Continue reading “Severe Acne is a Heartbreaker”