Media Mentions


Glamour magazine names Dr. Benabio “A Rock Star of Dermatology.”

Glamour, 11/2011

O, The Oprah Magazine names Dr. Benabio “A Top Dermatologist.”

The Skin Fixers, 09/2009


Pilates Style Magazine, New Reasons to Find Shade. May/June 2014.

O, The Oprah Magazine, Is Layering My Skin Products Ever a Bad Idea? May 2014.

Fit Pregnancy, Mystery Solved! Why Freckles and Moles Look Darker When You’re Pregnant, April/May, 2014.

Prevention. “Is Working Out in Make-Up Really That Bad for Your Skin?” April 2014.

Annual Meeting News, Lead Story, Physicians Need to Adapt to Practicing in a Digital World, AAD, March 2014

Men’s Health, Ask Men’s Health: Patchy Beards, 1/2014.

Reader’s Digest. 10 Key Moves to Live Your Best Life, 1/2014.

San Diego Business Journal. Making the Telemedicine Connection, 09/23/2013.

San Diego Business Journal. Telemedicine Industry Leaders Gather at SDBJ’s Panel Discussion, 08/05/2013.


Your Skin, An Owner’s Manual, 11/2013


DIY Remedies To Soften Skin, 10/2013

usa today

Can Enzyme Supplements Really Keep Your Hair From Going Gray? 10/09/2013

oprah big hair

Ask Val, Now that beach season is over, is it okay to rely on the SPF in my daily moisturizer? 09/2013

ut logo

09/17/2013: How Safe Is Web Diagnosis?

ut logo

08/29/2013. Mobile Apps for Health on the Go

allure july cover

Do Liposomes Really Work? 07/2013


13 Things Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You 06/2013


Get Gorgeous While You Sleep, 05/2013


The Best Shampoos for the Active Man, 03/2013


Work Smarter, 05/2013


Why Is Hair Growing Out There? 12/13/2012

How To Find Good Health Information Online, 10/2012

oprah july 2012

3 Anti-Aging Products You Don’t Need, Plus 3 You Really Do, 07/2012

oprah june 2012

The Best $25 or Less Anti-Aging Products, 06/2012


Which Way? Group vs Independent Practice, 04/2012

Tight Ties, Killer Heels: Clothes Make the Fashion Victims, 2/21/ 2012

The Five Biggest Hair Myths and One Unfortunate Truth, 01/ 2012

Ask Val: Do I really need an eye cream in addition to a moisturizer if I don’t have a lot of wrinkles?  01/ 2012

Ask Val: Is it my imagination, or does my dandruff get worse in cooler months? 10/ 2011

O’s Summer Beauty Survival Handbook, 08/2011

dw-dermatology-world-85217511New Media, New Questions, 07/2011

Is It All In Your Head? (How to Treat Morgellons), 05/2011

Five Questions About Skin Cancer, Golf Digest, 03/2011.

O’s Beauty Department Reviews the Latest iPhone Beauty Apps, 01/2011

10 Things Dermatologists Won’t Tell You, 07/2010

10 Beauty Products You Need This Year, 01/2010

3 Skincare Myths Busted, 01/2010, page 59

Hoping For A Close Shave? 07/2008

Ask Val: How do I treat crow’s feet? 05/2008


2/3/2014. Is Caffeine a Powerful Anti-Oxidant? 

1/24/2014. 8 Wintertime Tips for Dry Eczema Skin

1/17/2014. What the Hell is Testicle Ironing? 

12/2013. 10 Ways to Revive Dry Hair

10/2013. Nine Aches and Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

9/23/2013. What’s the Best Way to Switch Up Skin Care for the Fall?

08/2013. Daily Habits That Can Age You

07/03/2013, Huffington Post. Aging Hair Signs and How You Can Treat Them

06/2013, Dialogues in Dermatology. Social Media and Managing Your Online Reputation 

06/04/2013, Why Do You Lose Your Tan in the Winter?

05/23/2013, You Asked. Men’s Grooming Tips.

05/06/2013, Healthcare IT News: Breakfast Panel Takes a Look at Connected Care — and “Super Docs”

03/05/2013, WebMD: What Can Make Your Scalp Dry

03/05/2013, WebMD: Dandruff and Thinning Hair

12/17/2012, WebMD: What Men Don’t Know About Shaving

12/16/2012: SFGate: How Men Can Avoid 5 Common Skincare Pitfalls

11/14/2012, WebMD: Premature Graying; Reasons, Options

11/2012, Mocha Dad: Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, Rock Star Dermatologist

08/29/2012, BellaNYC: A Guy’s Guide to Grooming

07/17/2012: Dadcentric: Dove Men +Care Wants You to Have Good Skin, As Do We

07/10/2012: The Good Men Project: Men, Are You Taking Care of Your Skin?

05/24/2012: Homme Essential: What Makes Dove Men +Care Different from Regular Dove?

02/23/2012, Primer: From the Dermatologist: 7 Things Guys Don’t Know About Their Skin

02/17/2012, Huffington Post: How Germy Is Your Make-Up?

02/08/2012, Blog Talk Radio: This Week in Oncology with Dr. Jeff Benabio aka, @Dermdoc

11/30/2011, The Essentials of Men’s Grooming: Practical Skincare Tips for Men

11/23/2011, Kandy End Dry, Itchy Skin: How To Pick The Right Moisturizer

10/28/2011, What steps can men take to avoid underarm irritation from deodorant?

10/19/2011: Ask a Dermatologist: The Best Skin (and Beard) Right Now

10/18/2011, The Good Men Project: Caring For Your Largest Organ

10/10/2011, Skincare Tips For Dudes

10/05/2011, News Channel 9: Premature Graying: Reason, Options

10/04/2011, The Good Men Project: Skin Matters

10/2011, Ask a Dermatologist: The Best Skin (and Beard) Right Now

10/2011, Style + Tech For Men: Is Your Skin Sensitive?

10/17/2011, The Fashion Spot: 10 Best Beauty Tips For Women From Real Guys (And Experts!)

09/22/2011, Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Benabio

09/19/2011, 10 Surprising Ways to Stop Shaving Cut Bleeding

08/20/2011, MedHelp: Is Isotrentinoin (Accutane) the Right Treatment for Your Acne?

08/11/2011, 5 Things You Should Know About Accutane For Acne; For more of my posts, click here.

07/28/2011, Mega Sunscreens: Is SPF 70 the New SPF 30?

07/2011, A dermatologist take on the Kawasaki diagnosis story

06/21/2011, US News and World Report: 9 Top Cosmetic Treatments For Aging Skin

05/23/2011: CNN How can I treat my boyfriend’s unusual balding?

05/17/2011, MedHelp: Tips for Sensitive Skin

05/17/2011, The Finishing Touches: Shaving

05/2011, Manscape for Bigger (Looking) Muscles

09/20/2010, 10 Skincare Myths Busted

08/2010, Stop Believing: The Next 3 Skin Myths

02/17/2010, 50 Things You Need To Know To Look Polished From Head To Toe

12/15/2009, Till Dermatitis Do Us Part

09/12/2009: The Father Life: Shaving: Secrets Dad Never Told You 

09/2009, Best Eye Creams For Every Issue 

08/2009, The Dos and Don’ts of Researching Your Health Online

07/2009, Manscaping: The Art of the Body Shave

06/17/2009, iVillage: Aloe, Oatmeal, and Other Tricks to Soothe a Sunburn

06/2009, Shaving: Secrets Dad Never Told You

05/31/2009,; Health-Related Sun Risks You Should Know About

03/2008, Beauty Q & A

TELEVISION/VIDEO: Will be updated soon.

12/2011, San Diego Living, Channel 6: Ensure the Health of Our Skin This Winter and Year-Round

05/2010: Stay Sun Safe! Kaiser Permanente Educational Video

RADIO: Will be updated soon.

02/07/2012, This Week in Oncology with Dr. Jeff Benabio, aka @dermdoc

He has also appeared in: Dermatology World, Skin and Allergy News, The National Post (Canada), Muscle and Fitness, Best Health, Bottom Line Personal,,,,, and

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  1. dilipkumarshah says:

    Best Health Magazine

  2. helen quilietti stanton says:

    just wondering if you are a descendant of Alfredo Benabio and Maria Domenica Quilietti.

  3. Florina (Flo) Carvalho says:

    Hi Dr. Benabio,

    I didn’t know that I had such a famous dermatologist when I was going to you at the San Marcos Kaiser facility. I was the old lady (81) that wanted to take you home but my kids didn’t want me to go with younger men and you said that was good as your wife wouldn’t let you go anyway.
    I was so unhappy when I found out you were gone and now am seeing Dr. Sharma. I like her, of course, but she’s not you. I sure miss you. I don’t know if you remember me but I’m the one who sent you home made thank you cards with my picture on them. I wish you lots of happiness as I understand that this is closer to home for you. I saw the article in the Union Tribune and was delighted to see your name and decided to look your website up. So here I am. Keep well. Flo Carvalho

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    Mike Hall

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