Can Argan Oil Make Your Hair Grow?


Wild blueberries. Tea tree oil. Acai berries. They’ve all had their 15 minutes of “it’s a miracle!” beauty product fame. Now it’s argan oil’s turn. Argan oil is produced from the argan tree that is native to Morocco. Its devotees claim argan oil can do everything from heal scars and erase wrinkles to prevent sunburns and promote hair growth. Oh, if only it were so.

Last week a patient of mine brought in an expensive shampoo made with argan oil that she believed would make her hair grow more quickly. She wanted to know what I thought about it.

Makers of beauty products can make claims such as “argan oil encourages hair growth” without having to back them up with proof. Here’s the truth about argan oil and hair growth: There is no scientific evidence that argan oil can help hair growth.

If you want your hair to feel silkier and smoother and like the feel and fragrance of hair products made with argan oil, then use them. But if you’re buying products with argan oil in the hope that they will produce some sort of physical or biological effect, then save your money. The only proven ingredient shown to promote hair growth is minoxidil which is found in Rogaine.

As with any oil product used on the hair, remember this: It’s best for dry, coarse, or frizzy hair. People with thin, fine hair may find it too greasy and heavy.

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38 thoughts on “Can Argan Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

  1. So many product claims really push the limits as to how magical the ingredients are. They don’t fool us! :]

    I’ve used argan oil once from Josie Maran. I used it for the face and I quite liked it except I didn’t like to solely use that as a moisturizer. Applying too much feels greasy and applying just that isn’t moisturizing enough. I tried it on my (pretty healthy) hair (as I don’t use hot tools, blow dry, or chemically treat it) and it just made it look oily, faster.

    I prefer to use oils on hair as a mask rather than a leave-in conditioner. I love using olive oil by itself though my favorite hair treatment (condtioner) is Khiel’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak. It makes my hair extraordinarily soft and voluminous. It’s very moisturizing yet light weight once rinsed off. I use it every time I wash my hair or every other time depending on mood 😀 lol. I don’t wash my hair daily.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Lynn, and for the recommendations. I’m sure other readers will find them helpful. Not washing your hair every day is fine for most people, so don’t feel bad about it!

  2. Hi Dr. Benabio, Besides helping hair grow, I’ve heard that Argan oil helps many different skin problems. At least its being marketed for skin care. Do you know of any evidence that there is any benefit to using Argan oil for any purpose? The Moroccans certainly think so, they’re in the process of planting as many Argan trees as they can to ramp up production.

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  4. I’ve seen a lot of products supposedly including Argan Oil and saying it helps a lot with skin problems. I haven’t tried one for hair growth, but I’m not really into all the hype. I haven’t seen studies that support this.

  5. At the end of the day, nothing can beat a healthy lifestyle and also a good idea to make sure that any preparation you are using is at least safe. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics had been my Bible here.

  6. I have never heard of Argan Oil so far but something in your article caught my eye. You mentionned at the end of your article:

    “As with any oil product used on the hair, remember this: It’s best for dry, coarse, or frizzy hair. People with thin, fine hair may find it too greasy and heavy.”

    Does it also apply to dandruff? I have tried many shampoo claiming to help with dandruff and they never worked more than a few weeks and then the problem comes back….

    I am sorry, this question might not be directly related to Argan Oil, but if it can help solving my problem, that would be great.

  7. You know when I first saw this article I was hoping that it would be true. My husband is getting a noticeable bald spot and argan oil would have been perfect since the rogaine has stopped working.

  8. I just bought some Argan oil for my hair, not to make it grow but to stop it getting so frizzy and I must say I am very impressed. It is not too heavy unlike some oils and smells beautiful. If only it did make my hair grow! If it does I will let you know, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

  9. Hi Dr. Benabio

    Which brand of argan oil would you recommend for hair growth? Or is there any specific type that we should choose?


  10. I have heard so much about argan oil so I tried it on my hair. I used to have dry and dull hair before but after a couple of days of using I begin to notice that it became soft and silkier. I prefer the argan oil itself and not the ones included in shampoos or whatever.

  11. Using just a shampoo won’t help. Let it be a super magic one, but if your body misses certain vitamins and minerals, it won’t work.

  12. I use argan oil regularly for the face and I like it, but applying too much feels greasy. But it’s great for the skin. I usualy mix it with other oils like coconut etc.

  13. Well, that means people who have oily skin or those who produces too much sebum is not advised to use Argan Oil. The good thing is that Argan Oil have other benefits and I just hope, they only promote this natural product using the already proven benefits that it can give, so that others will not get disappointed and spend money on it.

  14. Hi!,
    Recently, I have heard that argan oil is very helpful in skin care. But I haven’t had a chance to try it. Thank you for your eye-opening informative post. I appreciate it.

  15. I use argan oil as a hair treatment. Massage it in and wrap my hair in a hot towl for 30 minutes. I get great results doing this.

  16. I’m glad I ran across this post as I was thinking of buying Argan Oil, but like Andy in the comment above, was thinking of using it on my skin. Anyway, I’ll do a lot more research and think twice about investing in something that hasn’t really been proven yet to have benefits. Thanks for the tips!

  17. Argan tree oil is used often to help get rid of fungal conditions in your skin or hair. I suppose it could be of benefit to skin and hair in general. You do have to shop around because there are reasonably priced items and then the way overpriced variety with essentially the same ingredient.

  18. It sounds like a wonderful product…and I have to say that any tree that looks as old and wise as the one in the photo must have something good to share with us! :)

  19. My daughters will only use shampoo and conditioner with Argan Oil in it! They swear by it and their hair certainly looks healthy. I have fine hair and have not found it too heavy or greasy but I don’t use it all the time.

  20. I love that you mentioned the latest and greatest superfood fads.

    Argan oil is a great moisturizer, but just like all of these superfoods, none of them are really miracle foods.

  21. Jennifer said My husband is getting a noticeable bald spot and argan oil would have been perfect since the rogaine has stopped working.

    I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t make hair grow, but there are two things that could make you think that it did.

    1. My father believed that coconut oil could make your hair grow if you massaged it into your scalp three times a day for ten minutes each time – simply because that would stimulate blood flow to your scalp, and nothing to do with the oil which is just a lubricant. Argan oil would be a good lubricant for millionaires. I can’t afford half an hour a day to massage my hair either.

    2. Several users claim that it makes their nails and skin less fragile, so there is almost no hair trying to clog up the drain in the shower. That would make it seem that it was making your hair grow, because it wouldn’t keep snapping off – but it wouldn’t help baldness.

    One thing I’ve noticed – users seem to agree that only the pure oil works. Once you put half a dozen additives into shampoo, it’s no longer Argan oil. Use a drop in the palm of each hand to wipe over your hair after you’ve toweled it dry…that way it’s not having to fight with all the additives.

    The pure stuff is good for your hair and skin, but I’m very skeptical about anything making my hair grow.

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