Get Healthy in One Week: Take a Vacation

Annual vacations are beneficial to your mental and physical health.

You know that guy in your office who’s banked 6 months of vacation and reminds you of it every time you take a day off? Stay away from him. He’s bad for your health.

RIding Thunder Mountain three times in a row with your kids or enjoying a sunset with your spouse reduces anxiety and increases feel-good endorphins.

Take a week at least once a year. It might reduce your risk of heart disease and depression, while improving your sleep and chronic pain.

Unlike your week work, don’t schedule your entire vacation week. Block off some “do-whatever” time, and just go where the day takes you.

The healthiest vacation? Grab the Verizon coverage map. Pick a spot that has no cell phone coverage. Go there.

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2 thoughts on “Get Healthy in One Week: Take a Vacation”

  1. This is a good start, but one week a year isn’t NEARLY enough. Americans take less vacation time than almost any other developed country. It’s killing us to work so hard, not to mention the fact that we miss out on seeing so much of what the country and the world has to offer with such restricted vacation time. It takes more than a week to see Europe, Asia, or Central America, to open our minds to other cultures and see the wonders of the world. The intangibles that we bring back from longer trips will make us all better at work — just like the Mastercard commercial says, experiences outside our workaday worlds are priceless. Just do it!

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Emily. I agree that one week isn’t enough for optimal health; unfortunately, it’s all some people get. I share your belief that we should have more vacation time and wouldn’t mind seeing a more European attitude take root here. I personally love vacation. By the time I’m ready to return to work, I feel rested and energized, and that’s good for me, my boss, and my patients.

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