Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Kid’s Sunscreen

Why you shouldn’t be using your kid’s sunscreen on your face.

A mom came into my office the other day complaining of acne. She had switched from her regular sunscreen to her kid’s sunscreen thinking it would be gentler on her face. But her acne got worse.

That’s because kid’s sunscreens are meant to be extra protective, so their ingredients are more likely to clog pores in adults, leading to acne.

I told her to use an adult “non-comedogenic” or non-pimple forming facial sunscreen such as Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunblock SPF 55 or Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock for the Face, SPF 30.

Save the kid’s sunscreen for little Olivia. I also don’t recommend using her Desitin. But that’s for another post.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Kid’s Sunscreen”

  1. When applying sunscreen, what order do you recommend? Moisturizer first, or sunscreen first?

  2. Sunscreen first. Though since sunscreen moisturizes your skin, you probably don’t even need the moisturizer.

  3. Babies’ skin-care products should remain theirs and i am happy you have made an effort to bring out this point in your article. Their skin may be prone to UV radiation, yes, but perhaps not to the same degree as an adult person’s skin.

  4. Thanks, Tim. Actually, baby skin is immature and more susceptible to UV radiation than adult skin. It’s critical to keep little babies out of the sun, particularly in the summer.

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