Brachioradial Pruritus (Itchy Arms): What Causes It and How Can You Treat It?

Itchy arms is a common problem. When itching is limited to your forearms and relieved only by applying ice, then we often call it brachioradial pruritus. Brachioradial is the muscle just underneath the itching area and pruritus is the smarty-pants word for itching. In this video I’ll give two possible causes and tips on how to treat this terribly itchy condition.

7 thoughts on “Brachioradial Pruritus (Itchy Arms): What Causes It and How Can You Treat It?”

  1. Jo Ann chandler says:

    This is ruining my life and it makes me very depressed. Be so glad when it goes away. Itching even during the day now.. AWFUL? Can you offer some help?

  2. Jo Ann Chandler says:

    I have had this for ten yrs…maybe longer.

  3. Okay all you doctors and patients out there…invest in an inversion table…against your doctors orders, because, of course, he will lose you as a patient!!!!!! move around while youre on it…get a bookelt, which tells you all about it and how to use it…not that much science…I TELL YOU! I thought i was going to go mad with the itching and numbness,etc…for months! it worked and still has worked!~ my back is great…and so is my neck and no MORE PAIN!!! in my back, neck and no more tingling or ITCHING!!!!! hello!!!! you people need to hear me when I say this!!!!! invest in an INVERSION TABLE AND USE IT EVEY NIGHT…MOVE AROUND AND BREATHE WHILE YOURE UPSIDE DOWN….thats to keep you from stressing out any joints, etc. ….believe me…after scratching the hell out of my arms and thinking i was going to die doing it…this…THIS! was the absolute cure…and it just so happens, it is very VERY good for your body…email me at…congratulations on a better life and relief for your pain 🙂

  4. I wish I could. It’s a horrible condition, and I sympathize with you. I recommend you talk with your doctor.

  5. Parry Ehlert says:

    I am just back from a new doctor, allergist, he has me trying Zertec (or generic) for 3 weeks, 2 a day (am & pm) then 4 a day (am & pm), I will see hin again in 3 weeks to tell the results. Hope I remember to tell you too.

  6. Yes, please let me know how things turn out. Best to you, Parry.

  7. I have had this for nearly forty years. It’s hell. I have not found a cure but found a happy crutch. I take Capzasin cream and rub it thickly all over the itchy part of my arm and wrap the arm in Saran wrap. At first it won’t burn, but in time you will feel the heat. Do this in the morning and Leave the plastic wrap on all day. Yes, the burn is uncomfortable, but if you itch bad enough, the burn is actually a relief. If you can keep the wrap on all day this gives the best results. Before bed, remove the wrap. Carefully wash off the burning ointment. Coat the arm with something soothing like aloe vera. This gives me between four days and a week of complete relief from that maddening itch. Doctors use something similar to give relief from the nerve pain of shingles. It works. If you have no access to Capzasin Cream, you can make a paste of hot peppers, use seeds and all and apply it thinly. Wrap it in plastic to keep it isolated. If you don’t wrap it, you wind up getting it in places where you DON’T want it. I hope this helps sufferers. I feel for all of you who have this. It is truly the “insanity itch.”

    I find also that it can be nearly totally be prevented by using liberal amts of sun block of the highest quality available, and NEVER go outside without it. Best Wishes.

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