6 thoughts on “How To Treat Eczema: Bleach Baths”

  1. Very interesting treatment. I know bleach is a nasty substance thats pretty much only good for killing things, but i suppose it does benefit someone suffering from eczema. Im gonna suggest this to my boss, his son has eczema pretty bad. Should he talk to his dermatologist first? or is it safe to try on anyone?

  2. Love this article. Interesting…My daughter has eczema, I will have to try this to see if it works because her creams have not worked. Thank you.
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  3. Bleach is a terribly harsh substance. As a sufferer of sensitive skin and eczema I can say that bleach has never done me any favors. And I would never consider soaking my children in it. I work with world-renowned dermatologists and have finally found a solution to treat my sensitive skin AND eczema safely, and keep the flare-ups at bay. I’ll stick with something that’s gentle and safe. But for those out there wondering about this, each person’s skin is different, and I would advise asking your dermatologist before trying this solution.

  4. Amy,
    Yes, bleach is harsh; however, bacteria is more harsh and a known trigger for eczema. This is not my idea, but a proven technique used in all pediatric dermatology centers. It’s a great way to improve eczema without resorting to medications.

    The amount of bleach is small and similar to chlorine in a pool. Of course, everyone is different and this might not be helpful for some. You’re point is excellent that everyone should check with his or her physician for advice about his or her medical condition before trying any treatments.

    Thanks for writing. Anything you’d like to see me cover?

  5. When my dog Audrey was alive she had a skin condiction that was very much like eczema. Besides prescription shampoo, we used to make her meatballs with safflower oil and fed them to her. About 2 table spoon full of oil a day, always healed her up.

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