Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes. Laser hair removal is a common and effective way to permanently remove hair. It is safe, but remember these tips:

  1. Hair removal lasers target the pigment in hair (that’s how they work). Hair lasers can damage darker or pigmented skin as the laser will target both the hair and the skin, burning it. This can lead to permanent skin discoloration.
  2. Tanned skin is dark skin, and laser hair removal should never be done on people with a tan.
  3. Laser hair treatments hurt. Some people find it too painful, while others don’t mind it. Numbing creams can lessen the sting; however, they can only be used in small amounts. Large quantities of numbing cream can be toxic and has led to death in extreme circumstances.
  4. The light from the laser can be damaging to your eyes. Be sure you’re wearing approved safety glasses at all times.
  5. Laser hair removal can be additive – once you’ve treated one area, you might want to treat lots of other “hairy spots” which can be harmful to your wallet.
Photo: Sean Drellinger, Flickr

7 thoughts on “Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?”

  1. Concise and to the point. The emphasis on the risk of treating tanned skin and over use of topical numbing cream does not get lost and that’s so important. #5 hold true for so many cosmetic procedures, the results are just plain fun and it’s a slippery slope.

  2. You forgot 6 – It does not always work. None of my dark, wire like facial hair went away. (Though I will say that 99% of the hair on my feet did.) Then again, if it had worked for me, I might never have found out I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is what caused hair growth in the first place.

    I do wish there was another option besides laser and electrologist. If only they could remove the hair follicle all together, or at least the ones that consistently become badly ingrown and have caused scarring on my chin.

  3. I love the results of my laser hair removal. It has been the only time in my life I’ve been really glad to have super white skin with dark hair! For me it has been so nice to not have to shave so much or deal with all the ingrown hairs.

    Any thoughts on which lasers are the best or preferred?

  4. Let’s not leave out the dark-skinned people from this option, altogether. There are lasers (and specific treatment settings/shorter wavelengths) that work on dark skin (including African-American skin) wtih great results. The question should be answered in a way that doesn’t exclude laser hair removal as an option for darker skin tones. Yes, there’s more risk (and therefore more care) involved in treatment of dark skin, but it shoudn’t be negated for dark skin people–especially those who suffer from hirsuitism, which can be socially debilitating for some.

  5. When it arrives to extra or undesirable body hair, most individuals would concur that paying a particular price tag to get rid of the hair is properly worth obtaining a amazing self and a fantastic self-esteem. Right after all, hairless, gentle and silky skin is a little something each girl craves for.

  6. Can laser hair removal produce the results of a Brazilian bikini wax?

  7. I am so happy that you did a review about this kind of stuff because this is one of my concerns. I hate shaving and waxing and I am too cheap to dish out that kinda money if I am unsure of the result for laser treatments! And well frankly I am scared to do it too. I am curious to see how your progress goes going along your treatments. But a question! Was your hair thick to start with and did you have very much?

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