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  1. Ok I say this is a tease not being able to see the brands! I can make out Crest, Dove and Gillette, but spill the beans on the other products (please!)

  2. What kind of cologne/aftershave does Derm Doc use? And that tube on the upper right side had better be some kind of sunblock!

  3. Kathryn Fenner says:

    My morning toilette, post shower: Glycolic peel (20%) pads if my skin is up to it, or just salicylic acid on t-zone, rinse, Rogaine on my scalp, Clinique Even Better serum on my face and chest, Olay Regenerist serum on my neck, Olay eye cream, Neutrogena Healthy Defense w/Purescreen sunblock on face, neck and chest, whatever sunblock is handy on arms, foundation, blush, powder, eyeliner, shadow, brow color, and mascara. Whew!
    At least since I cut off all the dyed hair, and now have my hair very short, I don’t need a drawerful of hair products and equipment–a comb is all, maybe a dab of coconut oil hair shine on the dry-looking gray above my temples!

  4. sarahsnana says:

    Crest toothpaste, Oral B electric toothbrush, bar of Dove, Paul Mitchell shampoo. texture cream (for hair?), razor, Gillette shave cream, spray deodorant, and cologne.

  5. agree with sarahsnana…

    But where is dermdoc’s sun protection????

  6. sarahsnana says:

    So, when can I expect my Grand Prize?

  7. In the cabinet itself – a tube of OTC zit cream. In the vanity, however, I have the Olay mircoderm/mini-peel kit. In the bathtub I have another OTC face wash with 10% BP in it. (My dermotologist always prescribes a wash with a 10% BP in it. So when I saw an OTC wash with the same strength BP for only $5…. My HMO won’t cover anything for acne so I’m saving $35.)

    I tend to be extra greasy, so I don’t use any moisturizers. My makeup has a 20% SPF in it but I wish it was higher.

  8. CanadaGoose says:

    Plax, Arm&Hammer toothpaste, oral b brush, listerine.

    In the shower, Pears soap. Some generic shampoo and moisturizer.

    Sure unscented anti-persp. Olay moisturizer with sunscreen. On festive occasions, a bit of blush.

    And that’s it.

  9. Oh, I’m so much more complex. Today: Face care with Noble Zinc Soap, Replenix Power of Three and Eye Cream, CRS, Jojoba oil, Citrix sunscreen. That after the shower where I used Glytone Body Wash w/ Salux Cloth then Glytone Body Lotion. Hair: Some fancy shampoo from my stylist then OTB Cleanser #2 w/ pyrithione zinc (it’s a shampoo too), then conditioner from my stylist then her mousse. Finally Almay deodorant. Whew! But my skin looks and feels just the way I want it to. It’s Sunday so no makeup, otherwise this would be really long.

    Fun question!

  10. Here are mine:

    Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo, Gillette Sensitive Skin Shave Gel, Degree Power Scent, Enjoy Texture Cream, Polo Black, Dove Soap, Gillette Sensor Excel, Oral-B electric toothbrush, Crest Whitening with Scope.

    That’s it!

  11. No moisturizer?

  12. Comments on the blog you were attacking me and my husband’s education in regards to Hi-Fi’s shadow fix were disabled. I just want you to know your an ass. I clicked on your name & was brought to this blog.

    Ferric Ferrocyanide may cure heavy metal poisonings, but it doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Many chemicals FDA approved have benefits that outweigh risks for medical treatments, but that doesn’t mean it should be in our make-up or skin care. I really do not understand your statement on the other blog concerning that. I may not be a chemist or a doctor, but I do know I will not use certain things on my skin. I do know that many Indie companies receive great reviews and are not bashed and include ingredients that should be listed on their site to inform their consumers. I didn’t realize my Aromaleigh pigments (all of them) contained Ferrocyanide until getting my product in the mail.

    I use medications to treat RA that can cause cancer. They make life great daily, but in the long-term there is risk. Just because Ferrocyanide is a cure in medicine, doesn’t mean it should be in an eyeshadow or other products and give a false sense of safety. Is Chromium Green okay to use, too? It shows that is mutates cells, but it’s used in mineral make-up. They both are toxic.

    Just because it’s labeled natural and mineral, does not mean it’s ok. If you are the expert and I have no clue, please list what the skin absorbs and does not absorb through pores, follicle and diffusion. I was not defending Hi Fi’s shadow fix as I have never used it. I have never used PE, either.

    I was trying to understand (late at night) why the author had an issue with an ingredient that is used in skin care products being in a shadow fix. She may have had a reaction to it, but that doesn’t mean everyone will and to post it like everyone will is wrong. Everyone reacts differently.

    I do feel there is a bias when it comes to everyone’s Holy Grail product of PE and even comparing it to Hi-Fi was off-base. Everyone has a primer, a shadow, a lip gloss. Why were the two companies compared in the review? It should have been just directed at the one product and sole company and ingredients and not compared. If compared, then it should be compared to every company.

    Again, I’ll let my husband know he should go back to Duke and learn about skin once again. Maybe, you should, too…wherever you got your education.

  13. Hi Dr Pimple Popper. I understand you have a big ego and probably a small one down under. I mean how many docs post their med school ranking. Ivy league Caribbean school probably. Either way you are a dermatologist. How many codes do you run Dr pimple popper. Try practicing real medicine and not arguing with women about makeup and skin absorption physiology. Wait I am guessing you have some financial investment involved. Now that is the way all # 1 med school grads from Caribbean medical schools should act. Lead the way ego maniac little man.

  14. I was reading on your Facebook. It does not look like you even practice medicine but work for a makeup company. So you live in the lab? Why get an MD? Should have got a Phd. I don’t see to many MDs commenting on a makeup blog! Guess its hard working 8-5? Oh well its the money that counts. Dermatology residency sounds hard lol

  15. Where’s your sunscreen Dr. Benabio??? 🙂

  16. Be fair Toni (and Jose) and let us see the blog post you’re referring to. I notice there’s no track back attached to your name here, so this all seems rather venomous and totally unrelated to anything being discussed here.

  17. RegReader says:

    1. Sensodyne toothpaste
    2. Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser
    3. Another brand’s knockoff of Skinceuticals C + E Ferulic serum
    4. LiLash eyelash growth serum (which works)
    5. Retin A
    6. LaRoche Posay sunblock liquid
    7. A lot of different facial moisturizers
    8. Promiseb for seb derm
    9. Secret clinical antidepressant

  18. Cura Pelle says:

    *gasp* No sunscreen?! What’s up, doc?

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