7 thoughts on “What’s The Fastest Way To Get Rid of a Zit? (Video)”

  1. One of the best products I’ve found is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Look on the back for 2 percent
    Salacylic Acid to be listed first, because there is a similar product they carry that is not as good.

    I use the neutrogena wash followed by Oxy Wash. They work excellent with one followed by the other. No drying, no redness, just clean, clear, soft skin.

    I am not affiliated in any way with either product. I just know they work great.

    Love the video.

  2. Unfortunately, salicylic acid (2%) and benzoyl peroxide (ranging from 2.5%-10%) do not act remedially as spot treatments on my active inflammatory acne. Rather, I use these ingredients as preventative measures against acne formation. I have yet to find an effective fast-acting remedial anti-inflammatory for my acne.

    Despite continually using a Rx topical retionoid and Rx topical antibiotic for 4 years, I still get inflamed acne all of the time that results in persistent hyperpigmentation. My skin was clearest when I also took an oral antibiotic, but my derm took me off it after 5 months because she didn’t want me on it for too long. I am going to try topical niacinamide/nicotinamide before I give up and resort to oral Rx like spironolactone or BCP. Although Accutane might work wonders on me, its side effects scare me too much.

  3. Great video explanation that gives people a non-prescription treatment road map. For people troubled by the occasional huge zit, cortisone injection done by their dermatologist is another great option. Of course, it requires an office visit and an established relationship with a dermatologist.

    Acne is complex and not every zit is a ‘normal’ zit. That’s why we dermatologists have as many different treatment regimens as we have patients. I just wrote a post on pityrosporum folliculitis, which looks like acne vulgaris, but isn’t quite the same. I see a lot of it and it can coexist with ‘normal’ acne. The link: http://www.otbskincare.com/blog/pityrosporum-folliculitis-acne-could-this-be-why-your-acne-won%E2%80%99t-go-away/2468/

    One of the aspects of my job that I love best is working with patients to find the right acne cause and product combination to keep them relatively acne free. There’s still the occasional zit and it needs ‘encouragement’ to go away fast. Your advice is great for using non-prescription tools to do the job. Fun video too.
    Cynthia Bailey MD

  4. In addition to Dr. Bailey’s recommendation, another option for the visit to the dermatologist if you are frightened by needles would be something like a antibiotic foam that can deliver the medicine deep into the acne lesion. It is a great addition to some of the medications mentioned in the video. Thank you


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  6. There are many great products available without a prescription. I agree with most of the other comments that while they are great for prevention and reducing acne, they aren’t always effective in getting rid of pimples once they agree. There are some laser and photo treatments that can help in these situations.

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