8 thoughts on “Skin Cancer Is More Common On Which Side?”

  1. Chrysalis says:

    I love that!! People do forget that they are being exposed to the sun even as they drive.

    I like your blog. I’ve been following for a while now.

  2. I like your blog it’s unique.Every posting is precise and interesting.I think the left side of the face,because of the driving .Window glass dosen’t block UVA rays.

  3. To the left in your place.. To the right at mine! Difference in driving positions you see 😉

  4. A lot of people have skin on the left (in the US) side of the neck which has a different coloration than the right side. I’m using a fade cream that has tretinoin, hydroquinone and fluocinolone acetonide to try to fade it. I now don’t leave my house without sunblock on my neck and upper chest, face, and a water-resistant one on the back of my hands.

  5. I absolutely love this blog, nothing is as good as the straight up truth in a straight up format. Linking to it on mine.

  6. Mon Garcia says:

    I think he meant out-side.

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