Manuka Honey Fights MRSA Infection

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I’ve always loved September. I loved the crispness in the air, the sounds of a football game, the feel of brand new textbooks. OK, so I was kind of a nerd.  But school was easier when I was young. For one thing, there were no MRSA infections to worry about.

MRSA is a staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. The bacteria infects you when your skin’s protective barrier is disrupted by small scrapes or other injuries. Once it has a foothold, it can spread aggressively leading to painful, even dangerous infections.

School-age athletes are particularly vulnerable to MRSA because the bacteria likes to spread in locker rooms and on contaminated sports equipment (but not on chemistry flasks, so I guess I would have been safe).

Because the bacteria is resistant to many antibiotics, it is difficult to treat. In rare cases, it can be life threatening, defying all medical therapies.

One of the ways we can reduce the risk of drug resistant bacteria like MRSA is to reduce our use of antibiotics. Researchers at the University of Wales Institute have been working on this problem and looked at an old home remedy to treat infection: honey. Honey has natural antibacterial properties and has been used to aid in wound healing. But, they asked, how would honey fare against MRSA, the staph superbug?

They found that in the laboratory, manuka honey does kill MRSA bacteria. If it turns out that it also works when applied to real patients, then we might be able to use medicinal honey to treat minor cuts and abrasions or to treat superficial staph infections without resorting to antibiotics. However, don’t try try this at home, as yet, this is not yet an approved, safe treatment for staph infections.

Staph infections, especially MRSA infections, can be serious. If you suspect that you or your child has a staph infection, then see a physician.

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  1. Cool post! Mother Nature FTW!

  2. This post is really amazing,Manuka honey is of great use for athletes and school going children who are at the high rate of infection by MRSA bacteria.Manuka honey can do wonders where antibiotics become resistive.

  3. This is a really exciting development in the treatment of MRSA. Just like this article warns though, if you’re suffering from MRSA infection you should seek the help of your dermatologist as soon as you can. This can absolutely be a deadly condition. If you are looking for a dermatologist in your area visit this site to search for one. Additionally, you can find further information on MRSA at this website recommended by my dermatologist.

  4. Manuka honey is really the best for all applications and I really love it!!

  5. I find it interesting that you are saying don’t try this at home. I went to the dr with mine and almost died from the treatment… Antibiotics. Worse than the infection itself. They just told me if it comes back wash with Hibiclens as I am allergic to the treatment. Well it has come back AGAIN and I found honey and it is killing it. If I found this in my children I would for sure try honey first and watch closely.

  6. It truly is amazing how honey can fight such a strong infection.

    I’m guessing that Manuka Honey is just rubbed on the infection?

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