5 Ways to Have Beautiful Lips


“Those lips that Love’s own hand did make.”

Shakespeare is referring to lips that the goddess of Love crafted with her own hands. Lips have always been an important feature in beauty, across time and cultures. Smooth, full lips can be attractive suggest youth and sensuality. Because we look at lips when people talk, they are a prominent feature on the face. Here are 5 tips to have beautiful lips. Continue reading “5 Ways to Have Beautiful Lips”

What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?



Maybe it’s the economy. Or maybe it’s too many late nights watching back episodes of CSI on your DVR. Either way, you notice that there are dark circles under your eyes that didn’t seem to be there before. What causes these dark circles under the eyes, and what can you do to treat them? Continue reading “What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?”

Roach Rash


Cockroaches tend to get a bad rap. As repulsive an animal as they are to many people, the disease that they inflict on us is minimal compared to other insects like mosquitoes or fleas. In fact, although most dermatology books have whole chapters on insects that cause skin diseases, the infamous cockroach is rarely mentioned. Continue reading “Roach Rash”

Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins


Varicose veins are thick, blue, unsightly veins that develop on the lower extremities. These appear mostly in your 30’s to 70’s and affect women more than men. Varicose veins are often accompanied by spider veins, red to blue thread-like veins that often form mats or spider web-like patterns. These vein¬†abnormalities are usually just cosmetic in nature, but can sometimes be symptomatic causing aching or throbbing. There are many ways to treat varicose veins. Here I will review one of the oldest and most popular methods: sclerotherapy. Continue reading “Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins”

Women More Likely To Remove Tattoos

I see a lot of tattoos in clinic. They tend to be of three varities: old men with vintage war-time tattoos, young men with authentic NBA-style tattoos, and women who want to know how they can get rid of their tattoos. Continue reading “Women More Likely To Remove Tattoos”