Paper Thin Skin Tears Easily

It is not unusual for a patient to see me with 3 or 4 bandages on his or her arms from insignificant bumps that lead to large tears of their skin. Thinning of the skin is a serious problem for some elderly patients. But what can you do about it? Continue reading “Paper Thin Skin Tears Easily”

How Does Proactiv Work?


Many of my patients ask me about Proactiv. You know, the stuff that makes┬áVanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Sean Combs, Brooke Shields, Elle MacPherson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt beautifully blemish free. Patients want to know if Proactiv really works. Continue reading “How Does Proactiv Work?”

Blood Pressure Meds Lower Skin Cancer Risk


Taking blood pressure medications might do more than just lower your blood pressure — at least in some cases, they also seem to lower the risk of getting skin cancer. Continue reading “Blood Pressure Meds Lower Skin Cancer Risk”