5 thoughts on “Why is Healthcare So Expensive?”

  1. The generic company doesn’t have to do any of the original research. They don’t have to put out the billions to test the drugs and get approval. That is why generics are so much cheaper.

  2. Hilarious….it makes me kind of sick…every time I go to the doctors office there are more pharm. reps than there are patients!!!! They are like vultures man.

  3. Things must be different up here in Canada, but pharmacists actually offer you the generic alternative to whatever your doctor prescribes. Is this not an option for American pharmacists?

    Of course, our prescription medications are already less expensive to start with.. is there a true reason for this, doc?

  4. Chris Spliethof :) says:

    Usually the pharmacists just have you pick the “name brand” (i guess you could call it?) but i usually try and get generic.

  5. My little girl has eczema and is 9 years old. I took her to the Dermatologist and they prescribed Verdeso. The sample from their office I was sent home with worked wonders. Her bumps vanished. I was amazed and she was so relieved. When I went to get the prescription not only was the pharmacy cashier shocked, but so was I when the cost was $259. Sure I was given the discount Stiefel Prescription card, but that only took $100 off. I ended up spending $159. Then I find out there’s a generic to this cream. Why didn’t my pharmacist tell me? and why does foam cost so freaking much. I am not married to Donald Trump!

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