Liposuction Goes Green: Fat for Fuel

Liposuction has gone green (er, yellow actually).

Apparently a Beverly Hills physician who specializes in liposuction decided to prove that action speaks louder than words when it comes to being green. He took the fat that he sucked out of patients and turned it into biofuel to fuel both his and his girlfriend’s cars.

He is not the first person to turn fat into fuel. According to an article in Forbes magazine about the physician, triglycerides from fat can be converted into usable fuel at a ratio of 1 pound of fat to about a gallon of fuel.

He most certainly is the first (last?) person to use human fat to fuel his SUV. On average most liposuction procedures remove 10 pounds of fat or less. Not bad if you drive a Smart car, but he drove a Lincoln Navigator.

4 thoughts on “Liposuction Goes Green: Fat for Fuel”

  1. That must be a lot of liposuction procedures for him to do in order to fuel his tank! Very informative and entertaining post 🙂

  2. Oh my God! That’s unbelievable but as I see, it is really true! Fun post! Thanks!

  3. Some more tips would be great as bodies does change. Any more information and experiences are appreciated.

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