Eating Cinnamon Might Make Rosacea Worse

A recent study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology showed that rosacea can be exacerbated by cinnamon.

Rosacea is an acne-like condition seen in adults. It can take several forms, but commonly presents as pimples on the nose and cheeks. The study reports on a woman with mild rosacea who started taking oral cinnamon oil pills to treat her diabetes. Two weeks after starting the cinnamon pills, her rosacea became much worse.

When she stopped the cinnamon supplements, her rosacea improved. Interestingly, whenever she ate any type of cinnamon after this, her again rosacea worsened.

Using cinnamon to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels has been growing in popularity. It’s thought that some properties of cinnamon might act like natural insulin in your body and might decrease your blood sugar levels. Clinical evidence for how effective cinnamon is at lowering blood sugar or cholesterol, however, has been minimal thus far.

Cinnamon certainly does act as a vasodilator, that is, it dilates blood vessels. As one of the main problems in rosacea is dilated blood vessels on the face, it’s likely that cinnamon could worsen these blood vessels and make rosacea worse. Dilated blood vessels can also lead to increased inflammation, which would also worsen rosacea.

This post is written by Jeffrey Benabio, MD

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8 thoughts on “Eating Cinnamon Might Make Rosacea Worse”

  1. Dianne Witzell says:

    I have had Rosacea for 18 years, although I have kept it under control for the last 4 years through consumption of a healthy diet and occasional use of natural products. It has been so well controlled that until I began to use cinnamon, I have had only 3 extremely mild outbreaks in that time (only 2 or 3 small pimples of short duration rather than the 5 to 10 or more larger ones I used to get that lasted for weeks).

    I began using cinnamon daily 3 months ago to control my blood sugar but have not had any outbreaks other than one I had after having spent a day out in the sun, which is a known trigger for outbreaks. Although there were 8 eruptions this time, they disappeared within 24 hours, after use of my natural products.

    It is possible that the cinnamon could have caused sufficient dilation that I was more susceptible to the trigger, however it certainly hasn’t caused any problems for me otherwise.

  2. I have rosacea myself, but have never taken a cinnamon supplement. I do however use cinnamon a lot in my cooking, but probably not eneough to cause any problems.

    Cinnamon is also considered to be a powerful antioxidant and may therefore be beneficial to our health.

    The cinnamon found in most grocery stores have high levels of coumarin, a blood thinner. I have written a post about antioxidant spices here:

  3. Would have never thought cinnamon has the capabilities of making your Rosacea worse. This is why searching the net is great. You find out all different kinds of information.

    I myself write on skin conditions and have one on Rosacea, check it out:

    Could help the people suffering from Rosacea … I hope it does!

    Kathleen Leroi

  4. George Preston says:

    My skin went crazy…it felt like it was on fire. Raw and red and such pain!
    I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed “MetroLotion” and all it did was burn my skin even more.( This started when I was about 48 years old—other strange health problems were happening at the same time).
    I started using the Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum also – and my skin is under control. The hideous raw red skin flares occaisionally…I use it daily…

  5. @bart, sue and kathleen,
    Thank you.

    I’m glad you found a solution.


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