LED Light Treatment Provides SPF 15 Skin Protection

With all the hype about sunscreens lately, wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with another way to protect your skin against sun damage without having to deal with sticky, pasty-white, sometimes ineffective, sunscreen?

Well it may happen soon. A recent study published in the Lasers in Surgery and Medicine found that pre-treating skin with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) protected the skin against ultraviolet light damage. LEDs, which are found in everything from Christmas lights to brake lights, produce low energy, harmless, cool light.

The researchers found that when people were given a series of LED treatments then exposed to ultraviolet light B (UVB is the more damaging radiation from sun exposure), the treated skin was less red and had less ultraviolet light damage as compared to untreated skin. They estimated that a series of LED treatments was equivalent to wearing an SPF 15 sunscreen!

More research has to be done to determine how effective LED light treatments are, especially on different skin types. Therefore, it’ll be sometime before LEDs will be considered a viable alternative to sunscreens. In the meantime, maybe you can hang your LED Christmas lights a little early this year and sit in front of them everyday. Can’t hurt.

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Photo credit: Windell Oskay

14 thoughts on “LED Light Treatment Provides SPF 15 Skin Protection”

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  2. Alfred Bellini says:

    Can I heal the skin above my left eyebrow with LED after a neurotomy where the supraorbital and supraochrial nerve was disected a year ago. Corticoids or non corticoids cream heal.

  3. Pat Neary says:

    I have two conditions that no one seems to be able to treat:

    1) Red, irregular spots just above the base of my skin. They look like little bunches of port wine stains only lighter. I shave my head so they are always exposed and look ugly. Is there anything I can do? An aesthetician tried some IPL treatments but it didn’t work. What about a Q-switch laser?

    2) I have a Becker’s Nevi on my shoulder. A doctor treated it with a Q-switch laser 3-4 times and it lightened a bit but that’s all.

    Are there creams or home remedies for either condition?

  4. I think the best way to protect your skin against sun is not to luy under the direct sun rays, especially in summer near the sea or ocean.

  5. Once a person understands why their skin is dry, they can begin learning effective ways of providing the care needed to restore it back to a healthy condition. There are many home remedies for dry skin that you can do yourself, without spending lots of money on commercial skin care products.

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  8. Very interesting. How do you find out?

  9. That is definitely interesting. Does anyone understand how LED’s would actually help to do this? Is it through exposure to a certain light wave?

  10. Skin care, especially for people with dry or oily skin can be a difficult process. There are plenty of medications and skin care creams available for use, but choosing the one that is right for you isn’t always the easiest process. Everyone’s skin is different and may not react the same to a certain type of cream. I hope people can use some of the information here to learn and gain knowledge in this area.

  11. I am only 59 years old this week and have already experienced the port colored spots on my forearms. I was hoping for something that might help but it appears there is nothing. Sad news, but hey, I am blessed and alive.

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