LED Light Treatment Provides SPF 15 Skin Protection

With all the hype about sunscreens lately, wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with another way to protect your skin against sun damage without having to deal with sticky, pasty-white, sometimes ineffective, sunscreen? Continue reading “LED Light Treatment Provides SPF 15 Skin Protection”

Is Mineral Makeup Better for Your Skin?

Cleopatra was 2,000 years ahead of her time. Mineral makeup, once used by ancient Egyptians, is now the hottest trend in cosmetics. But is it really healthier for your skin? Continue reading “Is Mineral Makeup Better for Your Skin?”

Have You Gotten Your Shingles Vaccine?

When I was in medical school I had a healthy 86-year-old patient whom I adored. She was hilarious and always came to clinic with more energy than the students. In my 4th year, she developed shingles and later, severe post-shingles pain (called post herpetic neuralgia). Continue reading “Have You Gotten Your Shingles Vaccine?”