A 3,000 Year-Old Beauty Trend

While most women go to the latest Vogue or In Style to see what’s hot in fashion, you have to go back a few thousand years to find the latest trend in Botox treatments — The Nefertiti Lift.

The Nefertiti lift is a procedure described by Dr. Philip Levy in France to rejuvenate a sagging jawline. The jaw is an important cosmetic area of the face — just look at photos of young women compared to old women. Older women have sagging skin at their jawline, while young women have taut, smooth jawlines.

As we age, gravity pulls the skin on our faces lower, leading to saggy jowls. The large muscles of our lower jaw and neck make matters worse by contributing to this downward pull.

Dr. Levy designed a method of injecting Botox into the jawline and upper neck to relax this downward pull. The result? A net upward movement of the skin, leading to a sharper, younger looking jawline and face.

So what is the “ideal” female jawline? Look at Nefertiti (whose name means “the beautiful one has arrived”). Her perfect jaw inspired Dr. Levy to name the procedure after her. Remarkably, the famous ruler of Egypt lived over 3,000 years ago and still sets the standard for beauty today.

I wonder if her sculptor air-brushed her though….

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Photo credit: Nina Alden Thune

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  1. I am a Cosmetic Physcian from Brisbane Australia, we have been using the Nefertiti lift in selected patients over recent months, with fantastic results. An interesting aside, Nefertiti was also the first woman to develop mineral makeup (Kohl) a crushed mineral and in 2008 mineral makeup has been another huge trend.

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