Florida Teen Dies After Cosmetic Surgery

18-year-old Stephanie Kublea died after cosmetic breast surgery. It appears she died from a rare condition called malignant hyperthermia, which can occur as a result of even properly administered anesthesia.

Although generally safe, her tragedy is an example of how even “routine” cosmetic procedures have risks, especially when general anesthesia is used.


Although it might not make a difference is some tragedies such as this one, it is always best to:

  • Ask if your physician is board certified in their specialty.
  • Ask how many times your physician has performed this procedure.
  • Ask if the place you are having the procedure is an accredited surgery center.
  • If the procedure is complicated or requires anesthesia or sedation, then ask if your physician has privileges at the local hospital.
  • Above all, ask what the risks are of the procedure you are having. Death is fortunately very rare, but scarring, pain, and undesirable or unwanted cosmetic outcomes are common.

4 thoughts on “Florida Teen Dies After Cosmetic Surgery”

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  2. This is a very disheartening story. How could it been diagnosed beforehand instead of following the money first.

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