A New Pill Prevents Acne

A new drug might be a breakthrough treatment for acne; it works by preventing acne from forming in the first place.

michelle-tribe-pills.jpgSebum is the oily substance produced by your follicles. When it becomes trapped and builds up under the skin, acne is born.

The drug, SMT D002, reduces the flow of sebum, preventing acne from developing. Summit plc, the company that developed the drug, says that it reduces the amount of sebum by 90% and that it was well tolerated in phase I clinical trials.

The company is also looking into a cream formulation; I told them they are free to use my name (Benabizac?). I’ll keep you updated.

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Photo: Michelle Tribe

7 thoughts on “A New Pill Prevents Acne”

  1. Doc, its in pretty preliminary stage, nothing can be said at the moment. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope it clears Phase III. Finally gets FDA approval and sees the light of the day, thats about 3-4 years…
    Did they publish this stuff somewhere?

  2. Noel,
    You are absolutely right: phase I is a looong way from being available to the public — no matter how promising the early studies are.

  3. Summit Corporation plc announced a positive outcome from its repeat-dose Phase I clinical trial of SMT D002, its candidate for the treatment of seborrhoea (excessive sebum production), a primary cause of acne.
    The results of this trial confirm the potential of SMT D002 as a new therapeutic agent for the treatment of seborrhoea in acne patients.

  4. Steve Kane says:

    My 10 year old granddaughter is beginning to get acne – quite early in her development – and maybe it portends trouble for this beautiful young girl. What about Acutane (sp?), which seemed like a miracle drug when I took it in the 80s? In cases where the person is likely to develop lifelong acne scars is there an alternative like Acutane that is available NOW?

  5. We need to keep after prevention & cure. Control and remission are getting better – through diet and medication. It is hard to sift out the genuine research from the frauds.

  6. after reading this then i know there are proper ways to pop a pimple…ha..i have always just used my fingers to PRESS till it bleed…

    nice view and thanks for sharing

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