Skin Care Myths: Cuts Heal Better When You Let Air at Them

Many of you, as I, were raised to believe that cuts and scrapes heal better when you let the air at them. Well, your mom was right about a lot of things, but not this one. Continue reading “Skin Care Myths: Cuts Heal Better When You Let Air at Them”

Florida Teen Dies After Cosmetic Surgery

18-year-old Stephanie Kublea died after cosmetic breast surgery. It appears she died from a rare condition called malignant hyperthermia, which can occur as a result of even properly administered anesthesia. Continue reading “Florida Teen Dies After Cosmetic Surgery”

Ten Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Nova

Did you know that laser hair removal can take months to complete? That you cannot get laser hair removal if you have a tan? That laser hair removal can actually cause more hair growth? Here are 10 things you should know before getting your unwanted hair lasered off. Continue reading “Ten Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal”

How Do Hair Removal Lasers Work?

Summertime is nearly here and the lines are forming for last minute laser hair removal. Lasers are an effective way to permanently remove hair from underarms, legs, back, arms, chest, bikini area, and even faces. But how do they work? Continue reading “How Do Hair Removal Lasers Work?”

Eight Steps for a Self Skin Check


Jennifer Garner has teamed up with Neutrogena┬« and Self┬« magazine to encourage women to examine their skin once a month. It’s a great campaign — if you find a melanoma, a simple skin check could save your life. Continue reading “Eight Steps for a Self Skin Check”