How to Grow a Beard


Grow a Beard Faster

OK boys. Face it, women sometimes like a manly beard. But do you have what it takes? It requires patience, persistence, (and just enough testosterone) to pull it off.

  • The first step in growing a beard is deciding to grow one. This is no trifling matter. Growing a beard takes at least 4 weeks including enduring an uncomfortable itchy period and having to answer ridiculous questions like: “Are you trying to grow a beard?” from your friends and colleagues.
  • Don’t shave. Despite the popularly held belief, shaving will not make your beard grow faster or thicker.
  • Pick a time when you can get a running start like at the beginning of a vacation or even a long weekend.
  • Resist the urge to trim or shape the beard. Let it grow as much as possible before shaving, even if you are going for the “goatee” look. The hairs on your face will be in various stages of growth; not all are actively growing at the same time, so you have to be patient to see where it will fill in and where it won’t.
  • What if your beard is spotty? Unlike your scalp, the hair on your face will not cover every inch. Some men will have hair from their eyeballs to their neck. If you’re this guy, then feel free to shave areas to shape it. Most men will have some areas that are spotty or thin, like on their cheeks and chin. This is determined by genetic and hormonal factors. There is little you can do about it, so work with what you’ve got.
  • What about applying Rogaine (minoxidil) to your face? Minoxidil is a drug that was used to lower blood pressure until it was found it also grows hair. In topical form, it causes hair growth on the scalp of men and women with hereditary hair loss. Why it works is not really known. In theory, Rogaine could help you grow a beard, but this is never been shown in studies, nor is it FDA approved for facial hair. Applying Rogaine (minoxidil) to your face would likely be irritating and can also cause acne. If ingested or if applied in excessive amounts, it could cause serious side effects like a drop in your blood pressure.
  • Biotin is a dietary supplement known to help with hair and nail growth. Consider taking 2.5 mg of biotin each day.
  • You might find that growing a beard gives you an itchy, red, scaly rash on your face. Try using a little dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders on your beard two or three times each week. You can also apply a mild over the counter steroid cream like hydrocortisone 1% once a day.
  • When your beard starts growing, the hairs are often stiff at first; they will soften over time. Consider using a mild steroid like hydrocortisone 1% everyday to help with the itching.
  • After 4 to 6 weeks you should have a good idea what your beard will look like. If after 6 weeks you find people saying: “Oh, are you trying to grow a beard?” consider the clean-shaven look.

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  1. sir i want to grow beard on my age is 25 younger brothers have more beard on face. i have little berd on my face.what precautions should be taken to grow hairs on face and name is arvind.

  2. Well I’ve recently turned 21 & until now i couldn’t grow the full on goatee because the areas from the side of my mouth to the bottom of my chin didn’t have any hairs & now that I’m 21 i see a few hairs growing in, what should I do from here?

  3. hi,i’m karthikeyan,still now i didn’t have no beard…could u tell me the reason for it..and also tell how to grow the beard in my cheeks.

  4. i have a thick beard.i am 27, my brother doesnt have a good beard. he too wants a thick beard. want to help him. anyone have a solution?

  5. I’m going on 34, and about to begin a phase of my business life that will make a semi-famous public figure. I’m trying one last ditch effort to grow a truly respectable beard, but there’s a “dry spot between my full goatee and the rest of my beard.

    Very annoying for my “beard ambitions”. If I get rid of this beard, I may not grow a beard for another 20 years. What can I do to make the 2 sides of my beard fill in up to my goatee.

  6. i m 29 yrs old bt i have very little beard only on my chin. i like full beard bt i dont plz help me to grow full beard on my face.

  7. hello after i read your website i went to the shop and i asked the man i need a Rogaine (minoxidil) to solve my hair problem. but he gave me the one is “Regaine(minoxidil topical solution 5% w/v) also the bottle label say’s continue to use for 2 to 4 mounth for initial result and up to 1 year to see your best result.i didn’t check the spelling at the shop.

    Are they same pls tell me , i am suffring from ring shapped hair loss at my25 year. i am taking treatment with a hair speciallist also. i would like to try this Rogaine.



  8. hey man im 15 and i started shaving last year. i am 5 days into growing a beard and i have hair equally on almost every spot, it is not long though. the only problem is that im kinda blonde and you cant see a single one of them from farver away only in a light at dark. will it change its color then it gets longer or its not mature yet?

    • hey bro, im a blond too. your probably going to need to just leave it alone. if you have trouble seeing it i probably isn’t too thick however if you let it grow the length will make it more visible. used to think mine came in blond but when i turned seventeen i let it grow and it come in quite red.

  9. HI.,
    Im 22 yers old and I have very less beard on my face. Is there some medicine or cream to grow a beard on my face and that dosn’t have any side effect.
    I will be very very thanksful to you if you solved my this problem.


  10. hi i am 20 i have less amount of beard on my face i want to grow beard by naturally pls give some information about that
    thank u

  11. Hi.. am 20 yrs old and i have very few hairs on my face and i want full hairs on my face.Please advise me what should i do to grow full dark beard in less time??give some nature and physical treatment also

  12. So i started growing a full beard for the first time about 3 weeks ago (and it’s filling in okay). I have had a goatee since i was a junior in high school (and have done the clean shaven look maybe 4-5 times since then). I was wondering if the hair in the rest of the beard will eventually “catch-up” to the the thickness/consistency that i see in my mustache and on my chin. (now that i’ve grown a beard, the difference is noticeable. I have trimmed down the goatee part to the same length as the surrounding hair as well).

  13. Im 16 have alot of chin hair side burns and mustache and my cheeks are just starting to come in!!!

  14. hey man, i m 22 yrs old, still itzs juz shame on me that i donot hv more beard on my face, even my small cousin & frnz have dark & thick hair, plz suggest me exactly pills or cream, other wise its juz to end of my happpiness,

    • i’m 14 years old and i can grow sideburns,chin hair and hair on my neck but if i let it grow out,it isint even so im thinking im going to have to wait maybe untill summer to see if i can grow a full face of hair.i am currently trying to grow a beard this weekend we’ll seee how it goes

  15. hi,
    i am 25 year old guy and i dont have beard on my face. pls tell me wat i do or wat medicine i can for frowing beard…pls tell me asap…

  16. sir, my age is 22 still i have no beard in my face,please give solution …………i thankful to u

  17. My Beard is growing good I just leave it alone I don’t do anything to it but just wash it when I wash my face.

  18. Sir, I am 21, I’ve developed a Goatee, a collection of thin hairs probably, But when it comes to side-burns, I haven’t developed any.
    I look quite juvenille when it comes to (guys) from my batch who come up with different beard-styles every week and I’ve developed a complexion . Please,tell me about growing a beard or atleast sidelocks.
    P.S- My Dad and Granps’d their beards full grown at this age. :

    • dont worry about the side burns now a days celebs have just the goatee… i have side burns and it sucks i dont like mine io rather have just the goatee… but the more you shave every so often youll see a change in your hair growth :)

  19. Sir,I m 25 n from a Sikh family where being bearded is essential I dont have beard except in my chin and a mustache, i want to grow full beard. I look like a 10 year old kid.Please help me ur help will be very much appreciated.

  20. I have beards around the mouth and chin but I wana grow side beards on my cheeks, but the beards grow slowly and far apart, and sometimes itchy, I have grt beard and black thick, so help on this one cos I’m hairy but I can’t grow side beards, thanks

  21. Sir i’m 23years old, n my beard hardly grew till now. I have beard hardly on my chin. My dad n all d men in my family have a good beard. Even my younger brother has a complete beard.I feel embarsing seeing my younger brother’s beards. Sir please help me out with my beard problem. Let me know if there is any treatment or medication by which i can grow my beard. Help me out with this typical problem of mine sir.
    Thanking You.
    Regards: Sandy

  22. hi there, I am 15 years old.. i have very small and spotty beard.. is there any way to make my beard as a 30 years old have?

  23. hi im 21 and i have problem wt my facial hair is actually grow but not fully its kind of fur or fine hairs only…is it will grow thicker? plz help my gf like me to have beard

  24. sir i want to grow beard on my face,my age is 25 years.I have little beard on my face.what precautions should be taken to grow hairs on face and body.Please reply me.

  25. m 22 yrs old bt i have very little beard only on my chin. i like full beard bt i dont plz help me to grow full beard on my face.


    the longer you leave your beard without shaving the better, because as it grows longer- the weight of the longer hairs on your beard works with gravity to pull out your beard faster and thus the faster rate of beard growing, this method works at maximum efficientcy if you A) are closer to the earths core (start digging mate) B)glue weights to your beard or face

  27. sir,am prince from ghana and 21 years. I don’t have much beards and no hair on my chicks and on my head,i anything that will help me promote more hair. THANKS.

  28. dear sir i am 25 years old but i don’t have beard so its growing little bit on my chin so i want growth full give me a solution or some medicine for this

    thank you.

  29. hi i am 23 male and i have problem what my facial hair is actually grow but not fully its kind of fur or fine hairs only…is it will grow thicker? plz help my gf like me to have beard

  30. there are very very little hairs on my friends irritate me for not having beard and i am 21 years old. please give some require suggestions
    thnk you

  31. i am 28 years old but i have very few beard on my face can u tell me the medicine name to grow proper beard????????

  32. i been trying to grow beards since high school and now i’m 27 still no success, seems like my beards never grow,.is there anything i can do to help my beards grow?

  33. Thanks for the tips. I’m 23, and grow hair like a monkey. Have had Bushy chin hair since I was eighteen, but had just recently tried growing a full goatee again. The only problem I faced was the unbearable itch and rash on my lips. I tried the head and shoulders and hydrocortisone 1% as you recommended and it worked great! Thanks a lot. The painful itch was the only thing stopping me from growing out the mustache section of my beard and now I finally have a solution.

  34. i am 21 years old and there is no beard on my face. i feel very irritating because my friends irritate me for not having beard. Please give some require suggestions how i can grow mu beard faster, please
    Thank you.

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