A Shirt That Renews Your Skin?

I could not pass this up. An Italian clothing line, called Adea, claims to use a fabric made from seaweed containing

… nutritional vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A and E and amino acids which are absorbed though the skin by continuous wear.

Your skin is remarkably good at keeping things out. It would be hard to imagine that your sweat would extract vitamins from an insoluble fabric to be absorbed into your skin. For example, even in experiments where concentrated vitamin E is applied to the skin, very little penetrates.

The clothing however also contains silver, meant to help eliminate odors. Because silver kills bacteria and bacteria is the cause of odors on your skin, it would probably help.

Certainly having a nice Italian fabric against your skin is worth something, even if it doesn’t do anything else.

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  1. You mean I can’t wear my vitamins? Darn. Here I thought I could have my shirt and eat it, too. 🙂

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