5 Reasons Why You Should Look for CoffeeBerry

CoffeeBerry® extract is a new, powerful antioxidant that uses the whole fruit of the coffee plant. It may turn out to be the most potent of natural antioxidants, better than white tea, blueberries, and pomegranates. It is currently available in a limited number of skin care products, but look for many more in the future.

Still using pomegranates or blueberries for your topical antioxidants? Sorry, but you are sooo 2007.

What’s the newest (and, of course, reportedly best) antioxidant? Coffee berry extract (available under the proprietary name CoffeeBerry®).


Coffee berries are the fruit from the Coffea arabica plant, the seeds of which are the coffee beans we know and love. The fruit of the coffee plant (coffee berries) are cherry-like and are highly perishable. Until now, the berries were not used and were discarded, saving only the seeds.

Coffee berries are believed to be exceptionally rich in antioxidants because the plants grow near the equator and at high altitudes, where the sun’s oxidizing rays are strongest. To protect itself from these high doses of ultraviolet radiation, the coffee plants synthesize these powerful antioxidants.

Coffee berries are high in polyphenols and phenolic acids including chlorogenic acid, proanthocyanidina, quinic acid, and ferulic acid. These natural plant antioxidants are found in many berries, nuts, chocolate, and other fruits and vegetables. In the coffee berry, the polyphenols are so concentrated that they have a higher antioxidant activity than other heavyweights including pomegranates, blueberries, white tea, and raspberries (this is according to VDF FutureCeuticals, but I have not found the actual data yet).

Soaking up oxidizing radicals in your skin can help minimize damage to the collagen, preventing wrinkles and other sun damage from developing. The cream itself (even without active ingredients) can smooth the texture of your skin; however, remember that topical antioxidants, no matter how potent or expensive, cannot reverse wrinkles.

The polyphenols from coffee berries appear to have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and now have their first big break in a skin product line called RevaleSkin. RevaleSkin is the first skin care line to use coffee berry extract as an anti-aging treatment.

Stiefel, the company that makes RevaleSkin, claims that their CoffeeBerry extract is 10 times more potent than green tea and that it actually protects against UVA and UVB radation. RevaleSkin comes in a cleanser, SPF15 day cream, and a night cream.

CoffeeBerry is also available in a powder and as an extract. It can be taken as a dietary supplement or added to products like smoothies or health bars.

So why should you be looking out for CoffeeBerry at your market and cosmetics counter?

  1. When applied to your skin, polyphenolic antioxidants in CoffeeBerry soak up damaging free radicals caused by ultraviolet light and by other stress to your skin. Oxidation of your skin’s collagen is the main cause of wrinkles.
  2. Plant polyphenols, as from CoffeeBerry, might act as a topical anti-inflammatory when applied to your skin to treat inflammatory skin diseases such as contact dermatitis or eczema.
  3. When consumed, plant polyphenols can neutralize toxic free radicals throughout your body; there is some data to support that this helps protect you against coronary artery disease (heart disease).
  4. Eating foods high in plant polyphenols might help lower your cholesterol.
  5. Taking in plant polyphenols might also help protect against Alzheimer’s Disease or diseases such as asthma.

I have not tried these products (nor do I sell them). If you have tried them, then feel free to write me or leave a comment about your experience.

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12 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Look for CoffeeBerry”

  1. So one more anti-aging product!! Actually, I am rather looking for a scientific study on how these OTC or doctor-recommended (like this one, I am not too sure if this is prescription drug) really work in practice. Our society just doesn’t want to age gracefully and so there is a deluge of anti-aging products and many use it without even knowing if and how they work. I would really like to see the results before any new products really comes into the market.

  2. I thought you had a huge entry about how antioxidants really don’t do much of anything?

  3. Confused-
    LOL. No, just on how they do not protect you from cancer. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I have only seen CoffeeBerry at the organic store. I have seen it as an actual fruit and as a powder. I wonder if one wants to use CoffeeBerry on his/her skin, would it be best to grind the fruit, then ad water and starch to make it a topical agent, or is there a better process to making it? I also noticed the benefits of actually consuming CoffeeBerry including lowering cholesterol, protecting those afflicted with asthma, or even taking on a meal for an older lady. If these claims can be substantiated, I will have a portion of this fruit every day. That’s how much I believe in the power of taking in essential vitamins without going completely overboard.

  5. Dr.
    I feel confuse!!!I have been looking for something better for my skin…
    I have been researching to see what will remove my uneven skin tone and brown spots..Do you think that a product with coffeeberry would help me??
    Please help me…..

  6. Can coffee berry stop the growth of bacteria?

  7. Pls reply because I nid your answer for our research project…I’m still a student…

  8. Another miracle food, with scant evidence substantiating the many claims . While its constuents appear to be of value in skin care, I could find no evidence in human study showing that injesting this internally actually works in human to bolster immunity. The following is one study in humans i thought others might fid of interest.
    The Effects of a 4-week Coffeeberry Supplementation on Antioxidant Status, Endurance, and Anaerobic Performance in College Athletes
    “The results of the present study indicate that supplementation with a CB formulation slightly increased antioxidant capacity, but there were minimal effects on recovery parameters after exercise in college athlete”s.
    Research in Sports Medicine, Volume 16, Issue 4 October 2008 , pages 281 – 294 (http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~content=a906855048~db=all~jumptype=rss)

  9. Thanks for that. My son has a total aversion to eating fruit for some reason, so I make it into smoothies for him and then he can’t get enough of it! I also found some great smoothie recipe here and thought I’d share – lots of other great ideas there.

  10. online health stores always give some promo and discounts that is why i always order from them ~`.

  11. I have tried the priori coffee berry range and found it to be very beneficial to my skin and my clients too. You get this brightening effect and I am assuming thanks to the antioxidant properties of the coffee berry extract.

  12. SoZo Global, LLC and FutureCeuticals, Inc. yesterday announced the publication, online and in print, in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed Nutrition Journal of a pilot clinical study that reports SoZo’s exclusive CoffeeBerry®-based functional beverage reduces inflammatory markers in vivo.

    The study authors conclude that the results “justify further clinical investigations into the beneficial effects of the SoZo® beverage on human health.”

    “SoZo could not be happier with these results,” said J. Larry Cantrell, SoZo Chairman. “When we partnered with FutureCeuticals to produce SoZo, we focused on creating a dynamic, great-tasting wellness product with proven health benefits.”

    “This new science confirms what we knew all along: SoZo is in a class set apart,” Cantrell said. “The SoZo team and our distributors can be proud of the fact that SoZo offers a real platform for healthier living.”

    John M. Hunter, General Manager of FutureCeuticals, added, “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this pilot study. SoZo is a model partner committed to delivering products with real, scientifically-measurable, and lasting benefits.”

    The study is available online at: http://www.nutritionj.com/content/pdf/1475-2891-10-67.pdf

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