Allergic to Nickel? Eat a Nickel Free Diet.

People who are severely allergic to nickel, as from earrings or belt buckles, can actually develop a rash from eating foods high in nickel.

In particular, chronic hand dermatitis has been associated with eating foods high in nickel in patients with a known allergy. If you are allergic to nickel and have a chronic rash, especially of your hands, then consider a nickel-free diet. Try to avoid:


  • Chocolate
  • Potatoes
  • Salmon
  • Nuts and Legumes (beans, lentils)
  • Any canned food or canned fruit
  • Hot water from the tap
  • Anything acidic (like tomatoes) cooked in a stainless steel pan
  • Leafy green vegetables

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  1. I had no idea these foods had nickel in them. Hmmm.

  2. For the most part, that’s a pretty healthy lineup of foods. How very frustrating.

  3. Hi!! I’m a peruvian nutritionist, I have a cronic nickel allergy and I have to eat a nickel free diet always. While studiyng nutrition I learned how important was Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) for the skin and allergies and I have taken Body Fish Oils capsules since that time. I discovered that when taking this supplement I can eat some of the foods that usually produces me dermatitis on my hands due to the nickel allergy withou any problem, like lentils and beans. I also take Vitamin C and magnesium because they are good nutrients to get rid of excess of heavy metals (like nickel) form the body.

    Then I apply a little bit of olive oil on my hands because it has antiiflammatory agents that relieves me any itching, inflammation or driyness due to the dermatitis.

    I also noticed the nickel rich foods that gave me the most trouble:
    – Chocolate and anything that contains it
    – Canned food
    – Tomato
    – Food grilled at a barbecue
    – Corn flakes or any breakfast cereals (I change this for quinoa and kiwicha, peruvian cereals)
    – Lentils, beans, chick peas, peanut

    I don’t have any trouble with salmon, oats or dry fruits like nuts, pistacchios, pecan, etc.

  4. Sandra-
    Thanks for stopping by and for your additions to my list.

  5. C.K. Albrecht says:

    Does anyone have a resource who has put out a cookbook focussing on a nickel-free diet?

  6. Very good information! I did not know this. Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks for the info. I have a patient with severe nickel allergy, but only has a rash in the periorbital area and swears up and down that she has been avoiding nickel. She’s had several patch tests with the North American Contact Dermatitis panel in my office and at NYU and all we find is the nickel allergy.
    One of my derm friends suggested she try avoiding nickel in her food and see if this helps. What has been your experience?

  8. Bobby-
    I am not sure what you mean by allergy product. Feel free to write me at dr.benabio [at] if I can help you.

    I could not find one. If I do, I’ll update the post. Thanks.


    Dr. de Asis-
    Interesting patient. I have see hand dermatitis respond to a nickel free diet, but not eyelid dermatitis as yet. I have certainly seen atopic dermatitis on the eyelids that occurs in patients who have a nickel allergy. Perhaps Occam’s Razor does not apply; sometimes patients do have two conditions. Thanks for writing.

  9. I recently started getting hand eczema….As a 30 year old is it possible to develop a nickel allergy now?

  10. I never heard of a Nickel Free “diet” until today. I have had a chronic case of eczema on the palms of my hands, wrists, base of scalp, and bottom of one foot for almost 3 years. I did have patch testing done a year ago and the nickel was not positive; however, I am wondering if the diet may help. I do know that even if I do not have an allergy reaction to a lotion on my face, I will with my hands. Anything on my hands hurts, except AquaPhor and cotton gloves. Maybe, avoiding these higher nickel foods will help. Thanks.

  11. I have a severe nickel allergy and I have been on a nickel restricted diet since March 2008. The change in my digestive system was amazing. The diet I was given is even more detailed than listed above. I was also given guidelines to avoid contact with nickel on my skin. The biggest change came when I changed my skin care products. Many had soy, cocoa and nut oils. My skin looks wonderful. For anyone with this allergy it is well worth trying.

  12. I’m allergic to nickel and I would like to know if anyone could tell me if hemp seed is high in nickel?

  13. wow. i am highly alergic to nickel and it causes blistering redness swelling and tenderness in my fingers and hands when I touch it or eat something with it. I would much rather suffer the rash than give up chocolate or hot water. ha

  14. Where do you find a more detailed nickel free diet? I’m lacking for ideas, and the list I’ve been given is pretty vague. I’ve been pretending that I don’t have to modify my diet, but now the antihistamines I’ve been taking for months aren’t working. Any info is appreciated, my dermatologist’s list is a photocopy of a typed list from the 70’s. Thanks!

  15. I have recently developed what I think is an allergy to Nickel. First I developed a periorbital rash that was extremely red and itchy. After a long time of trying to figure out what was going on I realized that my eyeglass frames were made of a nickel alloy. I stopped using those frames and the rash went away. However now I have developed a rash from shaving and I just found out that there is nickel in stainless steel. Is this a common problem and are there truly nickel free razer blades that you are aware of? Are there electric shavers that are nicke free?

  16. Kevan Holmberg says:

    I’m allergic to Nickel. I got a heart stent which contains 14% Nickel in the stainless steel makeup of this product. I can drink beer and hard liq. and meat.Nickel containing foods within hours causes the effects of the flu. I take EDTA and 2000mgl of penicillin per day for the last 3 years. When you have nickel flowing in the blood stream, bacteria attaches to the nickel causeing constent types of infections along with major joint and muscle problems making it almost impossible to walk.The 2000 mgl of EDTA which I started 16 months ago has done a great job of removing the nickel from my bloodstream. The stent will continue to release Nickel. This has been going on for 4 years with no end in sight and no help from Dr’s. Been trying to alert the public and all medical & government groups and have had little results.

    Anyone wanting to know more please contact me.


  17. I’ve developed red, swollen, blistered, itchy lips!! Some days I look like a clown. I’ve tested positive for Nickel allergy and was wondering if my mineral make-up and cover up could be the culprit. Also, under my platinum wedding band, I get the same reaction. Help!!

  18. Kim, I’ve been looking for a line of nickel-free skin and hair care products but I haven’t succeeded in my search. Can you suggest anything? In the meantime I am definitely going to try avoiding the foods included in Dr Benabio’s list. Thanks!

  19. Heather B. says:

    A low-nickel diet has decreased the blistering on my hands/feet by 90-95% in the past three months. I am now having anaphylaxis type reactions when I break my diet and have too much nickel. As for the nickel free make-up and shampoo; the Clinique line is nickel free and “Free and Clear” shampoo and conditioner are available at drug stores. “Vaniderm” lotion is also allergen-free. Plus, does anyone know anything about Chronic Fatique Syndrome and Nickel Allergy being related?

  20. I have had eczema since I was 6 wks old..I’m 52 and only recently learned of my nickel allergy. I just started Imuran and a nickel free diet, I have been drinking Mona Vie Pulse and that seems to help as well. My problem area is head to toe, I can’t work because the itching is so bad I can barely handle wearing clothes!!! What’s next? is there any hope/help? What about things like deodorant, shampoo, lotions, toothpaste,soaps, make up? HELP !!!!!!!!

  21. I have had eczema on my eyelids and under my eyes – as well as severe dryness around the mouth, cracking in the corners of my mouth, and blisters similar to cold sores (which were tested to not be viral). The blisters have gotten severe during times – to the point of dozens of small infected bumps.

    I just had a patch test done thinking it might have been something in the lotions I was using – and the only allergy that came back positive was Nickel. I don’t wear makeup or much jewelry (although cheap earrings really make my ears mad). I am starting to cut out certain foods – looks like all of the potatoes and chocolate I ate over the holidays might have been the reason my symptoms spiked.

    However – can anyone tell me what else I should look for in my lotions and creams besides nickel (which all seems to be fine?) I use cocoa butter for my body lotion – could that be an issue?

    Also – do you think this is what causes the corners of my mouth to crack so much – or is that a separate issue?


  22. UPDATE I contacted several make companies and found that Bare Minerals product line is nickel free! yeah!

  23. Hi Everyone I have a nickel allergy as well, I have had eczema since I was 6wks old and I’m 52. I also have eczema on my eyelids and cracking around my mouth and and ears and through alot of internet time this is what I found: Jewelry; sterling silver made before 1975 and in Mexico have nickel in it as well as white gold made before 1975,costume jewelry has nickel…make-up the only one I have found that is nickel free and will not cause break out is Bare Minerals…razors have nickel I have resorted to buying a wax machine at the local beauty supply store… tweezers have nickel so wax those eyebrows…zippers, watch bands, the studs on pockets like blue jeans and barrettes have nickel,( wear a long tank or t-shirt with jeans)go to your local health foods store and ask them for toileties that are nickel free there are a couple different ones…cookware; Visions cookware (glass) and Lodge cast iron cookware are nickel free as well as silicone bakeware; use wooden,plastic or silicone utensils and NEVER USE ALUMINUM FOIL, and use bottled water for drinking and cooking everything….stay away from cooking oils with corn (maize) very high in nickel, use margarine or virgin olive oil…no tea at all and last but the biggest look at the packaging of your creams and lotions these are high dollar items we can’t live without but most are in a metal tubing THAT HAS NICKEL IN IT!!!! Always always always wear rubber, vinyl or latex gloves when cleaning as most cleaners have nickel as well, stay away from everything in a can!!! Get a shower filter and use Free n Clear, Cetaphil, or Vanicream soaps they are the only ones I’ve found that are nickel free and if you color your hair well sorry but give it up or take the risk. I’m on Imuran and was still breaking out and itching now that I’ve gotten rid of everything I’m starting to clear up. This is a hard allergy to live with but we can do it!!! Good Luck and God Bless you all

  24. cocoa butter has nickel in it…ask your Dermatologist for a nickel free diet you’ll be shocked at everything on it, there’s a limited amount of foods that are nickel free so get that diet asap..oh and watch cappaccino’s most have cocoa in them

  25. I am a 27 years old and have been suffering on & off from eczema especially on my hands, around my mouth and at the corners of my arms. I too have an allergy to Nickel as confirmed by a patch test.

    I was interested by Dr de Asis’ patient with eye allergy – does she use an eyelash curler? My metal one creates dry patches where it rests on my face…

    I’ve noticed that wine is a big problem for me – especially red wines. I want to try organic wines and see how they fair. Sprits need to be taken with caution now that I see potoatoes are on the list (vodka)

    I haven’t had any wine for a while but still have quite a bad reaction on my arm, face and hands – I’ve heard stress is a major factor but I think I will try to eliminate some of the suggestions above.

    Thanks for the tips, everyone (Thanks mom for showing me this link!)

  26. Hi, so scarey this stuff, i have always flared up with cheap jewellery since I was a teenager, but persisted wearing gorgeous exotic earrings for the day anyway never knowing the risks until yesterday!!! Developed eczema from an engagement ring that spread from one finger to the next until it jumped hands arghhhhhhhh Pompholyx SUCKS, I developed a Staph infection with pustules and cracked bleeding hands! For the girl above re: wine, I suffer at the same time from an allergy to Sulphites the 220- 228 nasty preservatives, with eczema on eye lids and throat, particularly bad at the moment from pregnancy and breastfeeding; I guess my body is trying to provide for my child and not much for me. I have started Zinc Vit C powders and will get Flaxseed Oil tomorrow after researching on the net- a nickel allergic sufferer claims great results. After a billion creams a doctor recently suggests Nickel sensitivity and looking into a diet- Crickey I am a chocolate freak no wonder I am breaking out. Def saw a connection to this after keeping off chocolate 4 a week and an instant reaction with a cake today. will try the diet- I don’t know what I will eat 4 breakfast as we are big on multi grains and oats and all the good foods one would normally eat- Any ideas? and I am worried about losing weight and energy as I am breastfeeding an 8 week year old child. Any ideas? thank you

  27. to Kim. you wrote ” The diet I was given is even more detailed than listed above ” for a nickel free diet.
    could you email me the nickel free diet you followed. My daughter has severe atopic derm. all over and tested positive to nickel and colbalt. Thank you. jeannie

  28. Kim,

    Could you email me a copy of the detailed nickel free diet? My son and I both are allergic to nickel and could use a good diet.
    Thanks a bunch

  29. Kim,

    Would you mind emailing the nickel-free diet list to me as well?

    Thanks so much

  30. I’d also like the nickel free diet too. Anyone know of good books out there? I got a list that said potatoes were fine. Now I’m confused.

  31. Could I get the email too.

  32. Kim,
    Please send me a copy of the nickel free diet. Today,my dermatologist said I should go on a nickel free diet.

  33. Nothing wrong with this, at all, people should get it more.

  34. @Kelly

  35. Kim, if it’s not too much trouble would you mind emailing me the diet too. In much need of it.
    Thanks for the info. MUCH APPRECIATED.

  36. Kim,
    I have a daughter who has just started shiving her legs and underarm. She started with a bad rash uneder her arms that at first I thought was from shaving to close. It progressivly got worse. Her legs started breaking out with bumps around her knees and is spreading. It dawned on me that sinse she is allergic to nickel that the razors contain nickel. She has not been shaving for a couple of weeks and it seems to be getting better. Are there nickel free razors? If so where can you find them? If not what alternate suggestions do you have for shaving ? Thank you.

  37. Could I have a copy of a nickel free diet as well?

  38. Kim, could I have a copy of the diet as well please? Also, has anyone had burning, acidic sweat that turns into a rash associated with nickel allergy? I have been incredibly itchy for 7 years and am at my breaking point. Saw an allergist today. Hoping for some relief.

  39. Hi, Kim – please could i get a copy of the diet as well? I’m 27 and starting to look like an old lady, i can’t wait to get this sorted, or as sorted as possible!! It really affects your confidence doesn’t it?
    I’ve had a rash on my eyelids, cheeks, tops of my ears and around my mouth for over a year now. It started suddenly out of nowhere, I’ve known I’m allergic to nickel for a long time and tested positive with patch testing. However, i had no idea about foods containing nickel! I’ve been trying to avoid make-up and toiletries with nickel but as pointed out before, some don’t list nickel as an ingredient and who knows what other chemicals contain it? I’ll try bare minerals though and possibly some of the other toiletries listed above. Gutted about the chocolate!! 🙂

  40. @Kim
    I know everyone is asking and I have to too, can I please get a copy of this diet sheet, if possible. My dr. gave me a sheet on what to avoid last summer when I was diagnosed, and I’m reading it thinking, what else is left to eat! It’s like hmm water and bread for the rest of my life, no can’t do that either b.c. of the soy in bread, lol. I break out with red blotches around my mouth and nose, also getting hair line cracks in the corners of my mouth just like many people above, which are very painful. I dealt with it for 4 years going to many different Dermatologist until a Dr. finally did a patch test showing that it was a nickel allergy that I was having. It seems to be predominantly foods that I eat and skin products I use. Not so much jewelry. I sympathize with everyone here, I know it’s a hard life style change to make! When the Dr. told me it was nickel I laughed and said what’s that in?! Then she started telling me everything and giving me the run down, I started crying! If you can follow a diet strictly not eating anything on the list, it would be a great weight loss tool! One other thing for the people who just the redness, it sounds crazy but I tried make-up – “Bare Minerals” by Bare Escentuals (go to the store to have them put it on to see if you react, I did a test run before I bought the kit, it is expensive but it’s a miracle of how it covers things up) to cover up the break outs around my mouth, it works awesome, it doesn’t react with my allergy, it has become a crutch where I can eat what I want then just cover it with the make-up if I would get a reaction!

  41. Rachel Little says:

    I suffered with odd aches, pains and excema for as long as i can remember and 9 years ago was referred to a dermatologist and went through all creams ending in ate- betno, dermo, trima….. 5 years ago i had allergy patch testing which showed a severe reaction to nickel- my photo is used as a teaching aid in exeter hospital! I have just had a second round of patch tests which show secondary allergies to Thiurum and carba mix, cobalt and isothiazolinones.
    The Thiurum and Carba are volcanising agents which rule out anything made of rubber, the nickel and cobalt are the ones driving you folk nuts and the family of thiazolinones are anti microbial agents in shampoo to air conditioning units…. I can’t live in a bubble- i’d be allergic to it! I have been told the following are high in Nickel: Wholemeal products- bran and rye cereals, any canned or aluminium poil packed foods, herring, kippers, smoked haddock,oysters, anchovies, mussels, lobster, asparagus, beans, peas, mushrooms, onions, corn, maize, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, spinach, tomatoes, lentils, barley and broth mix,wholegrain flour, yeast, pears, plums, rhubarb, tea, coffee, chocolate, baking powder, liver, kidney, offal, all margarine, oatmeal, oats, porridge.
    The following i have been recommended only two portions a day- they have a moderate nickel content:
    Cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, potato, broccoli, brussel sprouts, leeks, swede, turnip, watercress, sweetcorn, beetroot.

    The following are low in nickel so fill ya’ boots

    Meat except liver, kidney and offal
    Poultry, white fish, eggs, cheese, milk, yoghurt, butter, cream, sago, semolina, tapioca, custard, cornflour, refined breakfast cereals, white or yellow pasta, white flour, white bread, cream crackers, cakes and biscuits made with white flour, sugar, honey, herbs, vinegar (not cider), mineral water, cola, wine, corn oil, lard, marmalade and jam, fresh fruit except pears, plums and rhubarb. Homemade soup from the allowed veg list.

    The dietician i have just been referred to gave me this list and then said she hasn’t recommended it in over three years because it is so restrictive, i asked for the effected skin to be burnt off to kill the nerve endings- i could be allergic to everything and not have to scratch, in that light the diet doesn’t seem so severe! I only started it yesterday, i’m going to miss coffee, chocolate and ciggies the most- yes- there is nickel in my rolling tabacco.

    You can now get titanium razors and rock salt deoderant- It is impossible to avoid touching nickel so i’m working on my Jolson impression. I have been sacked for time off sick so my next career move is to offer myself up to medical science- I must be of some use in allergy experimenation!!

  42. A crazy-making element of this allergy is the contradictory info on the various nickel-free diets. All seem to agree on chocolate, legumes, canned foods, and most whole grains, but there are many contradictions around fruits & veggies. The diet our derm gave us last week is from a dermatology clinic in Denmark. It says the following:

    Avoid: Shellfish, Chocolate, Beans/Peas/Lentils, Greens (Kale, Lettuce, Spinach), All soy, Sprouts, Bran, Buckwheat, Millet, Oatmeal, Unpolished Rice, Rye, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Wheat bran and other bran and fiber products, whole grain breads, dates, figs, pineapple, prunes, raspberries, tea from a drink dispenser, nuts, baking powder (in large amounts), linseed & linseed oil, vitamins containing nickel.

    OK: Eggs, fish, meat (all kinds), poultry, butter, cheese, mikls in all forms, unflavored yogurt, asparagus, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, white cabbage, cauliflower, chinese cabbage, corn, cucumber, dill, eggplant, garlic (in moderation), mushrooms, onions (in moderation), parsley, green and red peppers, potatoes, breakfast foods made of rice, cakes and biscuits not containing nuts/cocoa/chocolate, cornflakes, cornmeal, cornstarch, macaroni, popcorn, polished white rice (in moderation), spaghetti, wheat flour, whole grain rey and wheat bread (in moderation), bananas, berries (except raspberries), beaches, bears, raisin, rhubarb, alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, coffee and tea (not too strong and in moderation), margarine and yeast.

    Separately, it says that certain foods & drink have a low nickel content but appear to aggravate nickel eczema: beer, red wine, herring, mackerel, tuna, tomato, onion, carrot, apples and citrus fruits & juices. It says that the veggies mentioned in that list can usually be tolerated when cooked.

    Any light anyone can shed on the conflict around asparagus,onions, corn, pears, rhubarb, plum, mushrooms and potatoes would be appreciated. Before finding out about my daughter’s nickel allergies, she was already off dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, sesame & honey. This doesn’t leave us much.

    Anyone have good info on the nickel content of flax oil? Also, my bottle of flax oil touts the presence of nickel in it as a good thing. I hear good reports of flax oil for eczema but hesitate giving it to my kiddo for fear of flare.

    Thanks all.

  43. @Theresa
    Please also send a copy of the diet to me. I have done a lot of research on this allergy in the last couple of years and am now convinced I will have this condition forever. I’ve eliminated several of the foods mentioned here and also taken several of the supplements suggested. Some help and some don’t seem to have any affect.
    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  44. Betty Kerber says:

    O.K. the nickle free diet is a must, where can I get it? Also do you know what it is in cigarettes and nickle sensitivity? Is it in the 2nd hand smoke?

  45. @Judy
    Please can you tell me which supplements did help? I’m taking magnesium, zinc, vit c and milk thistle at the mo.

    The fact that flax oil contains nickel is new to me, i’ve been downing gallons of the stuff secure in the knowledge it was helping! This allergy is ridiculous!!!

  46. Nice post! Keep up the good work

  47. Rachel Little says:

    Vitimin C and Magnesium help rid heavy metals from the body, Omega 3 does something helpful too but I can’t remember what.
    I’m beginning to notice imrovements since starting the low nickel diet and food diary since 6th May. I do seem to be eating a lot of pasta and cheese but thats ok, struggling to avoid tomato and mushrooms…mmmm….pizza….mmmm. I have been pescribed Metosyn cream for the perianal dermatitas and eumovate for the facial excema bits, I have lotion for the excema on my scalp and powder for my feet, all come in metal containers. I didn’t think of packaging, what a bummer. The multiple allergies do have a plus side- I don’t need lip plumping gloss- i use beeswax and then eat off cheap cutlery; instant big lips. My husband said he was going to stick a 5p sterling to my forehead whilst i’m sleeping to see if he can imprint the Queen on me. I just got new glasses including lenses from Tesco for £20, they’re plastic so i’m not allergic to them. For folk that wear corrective lenses: don’t have a sight test if you are mid swell. My contact lense fitting was delayed because the cornea swells when the eyelids are affected. Still not been able to reassure my dentist so the toothache takes my mind off of the itchy eyes!
    I know it seems impossible but try to see the funny side of the allergy- it will really get you down else. I have found this site suportive and informative, i will try to find a more definate answer to flax seed oil- i was given contradictory advice about it. I don’t know how muck nickel is in tabacco or if the risk is first or second hand- it may just be a cunning ploy by my doctor to get me to try giving up again.

  48. I am sure it is from both. Whenever I would have a cigarette or two, my fingers would become so itchy and raw. I would avoid both if you can.r

  49. There are such long, conflicting lists of what we can’t eat. What are some of the things people know they can eat without any problems? What is a good breakfast cereal?

  50. Rachel Little says:

    Hi folks, i’m back again. I found a useful article by Theresa Halvorsen ‘How to balance your diet’.The recommended dose of FLAXSEED or LINSEED OIL is 1000mg 1-3 times daily.It DOES contain NICKEL however, the pro’s may out way the cons. We are not going to eliminate nickel completely from our diets or day to day general exposure and linseed does seem to fill in some of the gaps we will find. Linseed contains ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS including omega 3, Linseed aids digestion, acts as a buffer for excess stomach acid and may soothe mouth ulcers and ease constipation. I suffer with a sore mouth from cutlery and solid stools due to the diet so i’m guessing some of you guys maybe having similar side effects such as these.
    Linseed contains LIGNANS a class of phytoestrogens which are a natural antioxident, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Linseed contains 100 times more lignans than whole grains (which I have been told to avoid anyway).
    Linseed contains B VITAMINS, POTASSIUM, ZINC, IRON, VITAMIN E, CAROTENE, MAGNESIUM, SULFUR, PHOSPHORUS, MANGANESE, SILICON, COPPER, MOLYBENUM(?), CHROMIUM and COBALT, It also aids absorbtion of Calcium. It also contains LECITHEN, FIBRE and Protien, we may find our low nickel diets lacking in fibre.
    The effects of FLAXSEED or LINSEED may take up to six weeks to see results positive or negative. I am allergic to cobalt as well as nickel but I am going to ask the dietician about taking it as a supplement and adding it to the food diary so i can note positive or negative results- it’s worth a shot.

  51. Rachel Little says:

    The ciggies are dangerous first and second hand; there are over 3800 dangerous chemicles in the cigs and the Nickel is in the smoke. I’ve halved my daily amount of rollies but I will struggle to stop altogether.
    I was thinking about the veggies on the list and think the growth conditions are the factor. Nickel is a base element so it is in the soil, therefore it transfers to what is growing. If my line of thinking is correct, it is possible to buy soil testing kits- lets all get back to home grown in polly tunnels or greenhouses- then we control the soil, water, compost etc. Any gardeners out there think thats the reason for veggies on the high and low nickel lists….

  52. Just wanted to say that I have been taking ‘Olive leaf extract’ for the last 2 weeks. I have had a nickel allergy for the last couple of years. In the last 6 months it has been the worst it ever was. The Olive leaf extract seems to have strengthened my skin and is no where near as dry, it has moisture now and is by far the best I have seen it in years 🙂 Hope they stay this way and cant believe how fast it worked. I would recommend that anyone who suffers from any form of skin condition try this product. I use the peppermint flavoured one. I have also been taking evening primrose, fish oil, vitamin c, multi vitamin, drinking aloe vera juice and green tea. I have found asparagus to be great for antioxidant.

  53. Laura Thompson says:

    I just found a great article that says that we are not actually allergic to nickel, we have nickel problems because of low iron in our blood. Sometime ferritin levels, (iron levels) can be masked by the presence of so much nickel . Nickel depletes us of B2 B12 magnesium copper. If you add these things you might get better. You need to be careful about too much iron, but you MUST take iron and take it with Vit. C. If you take it with calcium you won’t absorb any. Good luck

  54. Kendal Dolan says:

    I’m brand new to the nickel allergy. Just diagnosed in the last week and trying to find a good place to start. (Also new to blogging and most things technical).

    I was surprised to find that most of the foods on the “high nickel” content list are foods I like and vice-a-versa for those on the “low nickel” list. Yikes. Any suggestions about where to start?

  55. Dear Kendal,
    At the time I was diagnosed, I was a strict vegetarian. That was 4 years ago. The initial shock I experienced over having to stop all of my vegetarian protein sources and replace them with meat was overwhelming. I love all the high nickel foods and like some of the low nickel. So, here is what I suggest and what I did 4 years ago:
    Do an elimination diet & cleanse. Slowly add back in one food at a time and see what you react to. It is time consuming and a real pain but it was worth it for me to be able to keep some high nickel foods in my diet that I found I didn’t react to, like wheat & grains.
    Lastly, I have found that I cycle through periods of severe reactions and periods where I have little to no reactions. This delights me because I can occasionally return to a plant based diet for a few months before having to return to a meat based diet again.
    Everyone has their own of coping. I hope this helps you some.

  56. Kendal Dolan says:


    Thanks for the input, Pat. It does help.

    I’ve been looking at nickel-free diets and am finding that confusing. It seems to depend on who is publishing the list: some high nickel lists contain foods that are on another person/organization’s list of allowable foods? Has anyone found a reliable source of information? Also, I’m finding a lot of short lists, so if anyone has something exhaustive or at least extensive I’d appreciate the info. Thanks!

  57. Hi Kendal.

    Attached is a link to a website that does have a nice list of low, medium and high nickel content in foods.

    I hope it helps!

  58. Could I also pls get a copy of this nickel free diet.

  59. Hello, I never reply to these blogs but i found it interesting that you mentioned olive leaf extract. I too have a nickel allergy and was told that asparagus should be avoided as well as salmon (omega3) Now the extract, you are taking it oral or as a oil to rub on?
    I have been majorly suffering from my eczema.
    Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

  60. Nat boucher says:

    @Laura Thompson
    Hi thanks for posting your information. I would like to know more if you might have more to share. In March I started with a rash on my lids and neck. the doc did not know what it was. In june I found out my iron was low so I started with iron vit. when rechecking a few weeks later my iron was normal. My rash never want away and now October the rash was bothering me more. Upper lip, lower lip, one side of my face, around both eyes, neck. The doctor did patch test and found out I have an allergy to Nickel. eye lash curler was the problem around my eyes, silver necklace and ear rings, ect. Now I am looking back on how bad I have felt in so long and beleive it could be my nickel food intake. I am tired alot, energy lost, intestinal issues are the worst, gas bloat, and cranky. I will try B 12, vit c and iron along with a nickel free diet. I will try to stay away from all the high nickel foods. If there is any other ideas that can help please contact me.

  61. Nat boucher says:

    Hi thanks for your helpfull ideas. Last year I went through alot of stress and think this triggered my problem. I am a 40 years old 114 pound. Married with two children.
    I do not have any metals in my mouth. I have noticed some of my hair products have nickel in them,even the ones in bottles. I am a full time hair stylest. I have changes all my products to bottles. I am going to check my cleaning products today.
    I have changes my diet to gluten free, meat and cheese. I am scared to try veggies again? I have found alot of gluten free has potatoe flour, chick peas flour in them and dont think I can change this. I am feeling much better since my changes.
    My family doctor does not think eating food with nickel in them could cause me any harm. Stange… A year ago before finding out about my nickel Alergy he said I had IBS and fitigue syd. I no longer have these problems. Amazing !!!
    I another doctor is helping me with this and we are in the process of sending out my hair to be tested. Testing to see if I have a metal built up.
    I was a bit confused yesterday morning why my neck was red again and my eyes lids were puffy.then I remembered I picked up all the can goods I can not loner use and set them aside for my brother to pick up. I am so sensitive.also to my cell phone and had to buy a case for us.
    Do you or any one else throw more ides what is ok to eat? thanks a bunch for your support.

  62. @Laura Thompson
    Laura Thompson, can you tell me where you read that article, I would love to read it too. I know I have always had low iron levels, all my life, with no explanations..

  63. @Kim
    Hi Kim,
    A year ago I found out that I am allergice to nickel, colbalt, zinc and gold! (I wear gold earrings 24/7 but they don’t bother me! my doctor was shocked) I have stayed away from nickel the best I can but, I am still breaking out. Nothing has seemed to work that I have gotten from my doctor. Do you think you could send me your diet so, I can give it a try? I am getting very depressed with this. I never have never been allergic to anything in my life, I am 54 years old, but ever since I had the patch test, (I went to the doctor with 2 spots on me), had they patch test and now I have at least 20 or more spots. I think the patch test made it worse. I would really appreciate it if you would send me the diet. Thank you so much! Take Care and God Bless….Pam

  64. laurie trefethen says:

    I have recently found out that I’m allergic to nickel.I get spots on my arms and on my knees also on the back of my calves.When I start itching those area’s it is worse!It seeme to be worse at night!I’m a vegatarian,so a lot of my food has nickel in it!You mention that you take olive leaf,do you take it oral and do you put it on your body?

  65. I’ve always had a reaction to nickel in jewelry but have been struggling with skin rashes/itching for 4 years. I was recently told by a dermatologist (new one, yay, the old one couldn’t figure out my problem) that it was the nickel in the food I was eating. I think he was spot on – eating a low nickel diet has significantly helped my skin issues. I had a head to toe dry, leathery, itchy, itchy, itchy rash! I do struggle with the diet from time to time – it is quite restrictive and I love to cook and have always considered myself a “foodie”! Anyway, my question is: are there other health issues besides the ecsema (sp.?)involved with a sensitivity to the nickel in my system? I’m just wondering, because as I read from someone else on this site, I am willing to deal with the skin issues occasionally to be able to “splurge” from time to time with my diet! Also, my derm. prescribed a cream called CeraVe (25% medicine, 75% moisturizer) for my rash – very nice and very effective! I know some are worried about topical steroid cream use – any insight to this? My derm. has assured me this cream is safe for long term use. Thanks and good luck to everyone! I’ve decided I’m not going to let this get me down – my husband has been battling late stage colon cancer and we are currently having hospice care for him – there are worse things in life!

  66. Oh, my derm. added clobetasol (I guess this is the med. part) to the CeraVe cream.

  67. @Kim
    Hi Kim, my daughter has had a sudden onset of all the skin symptoms relating to Nickel allergy.
    Reading into it, it seems she may have had this for a while – lethargy, insomnia, dry skin… maybe now her body has decided at (nearly) 16y.o. that it’s time to go crazy about it. The poor girl is very stressed out about it, and having suffered shingles a few years back, we don’t want her missing out on more school/social life again.
    Has anyone noticed this seems to run in the family???
    Thanks to everyone who has posted comments, this is a fantastic site for personal accounts into what works and what doesn’t. Good luck to all suffering – hope they sort out a good remedy soon for everyone.

  68. Hi!
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with a severe allergy as well as everyone else on here. I’ve had the same problem determining what has nickel and what doesn’t based on all of the conflicting lists that are all over the internet. I’ve noticed that many of you have asked Kim to send you her nickel free diet. Since Kim originally posted her comment in July 2008 and the most recent request for her to email it was Feb 2010 I was wondering if she is still keeping up with this message board and emailing the diet list when its requested. Are you (those still reading) having any luck in receiving a diet…whether from Kim or someone else? If so, could someone send it to me? Thanks so much! I have much more symptoms than just the skin issues, so I am desperate to begin the process of getting the nickel out of my body so that we can begin to tell what the nickel is causing and what symptoms must be caused from something else. I’ll appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks!

  69. I had a hair analysis done recently that showed an elevated level of nickel and cobalt. I had never heard of dietary nickel being a cause of eczema (and asthma, for some) until I googled it. The vitamins I started taking about eight years ago (Centrum) contain nickel and I was trying to eat a whole foods diet which contained many of the high nickel foods. I plan to see an allergist to see if I test sensitive to nickel but in the meanwhile, I’m switching to a lower nickel diet and using oral chelation to see if that helps. Here are some nickel synergists and nickel antagonists if anyone is interested.

  70. I have a severe nickel allergy. Y3ears ago it used to be on my hands and especially around my cuicles. My hand bled and looked terrible. I went on a course of Cortezone injections, every six weeks. This helped a lot. Eventually i reduced it to two injections ayear. However it has now flared up again but on my legs. Def diet related according to blood tests. Got detailed diet from my dermatologist but like a few of you have mentioned, there is conflicting info on the net.

  71. laurie trefethen: I just read your comments. I also get it on the back of my calves…insanely itchy..I am permanently bruised. I would imagine that being a vegetarian that you probably eat a lot of legumes, sprouts, beans (all kinds) etc. Unfortunately these are the worst for a nickel allergy. As are all the green leafy veg like lettuce etc. Do you eat dairy? (all dairy as long as not flavoured like some yogurt is good) Also no bran, wholemeal or any of that. But white flour ok in samll quantities. Rye flour supposed to be ok but no Rye Bran…not easy but it does seem to work! Good luck

  72. Hello,
    by any chance can someone email me this diet at! i am not allergic to nickel but my mother is and i would like to help her w/her severe itchiness! please email this to me. My mom is freaking out because she is a major choclate fan icluding recess peanut butter cup
    thank you,

  73. I’ve been allergic to nickel for 5 years and I didn’t realize that alluminum and titanium is in sunscreen which I’m assuming why I’m broke out all over after just getting back from Dominican repupblic and wearing sunscreen 2 two 3 times a day all over. Anyway just wanted to let you no incase you don’t look at the ingredients

  74. I too have a nickel allergy and gold and aluminum! Breads, colas, caffeine, nicotine and raw vegetables are biggies on the NO CAN HAVE LIST.
    Also, sparingly use tuna or canned veggies. Breads: no whole wheat, no white, pumpernickel, rye, italian or french breads at all….fish is a problem, too. Iodine.

    With a gold allergy reaction, it usually is not at the site (can be tho’) with the gold, I have scars here and there.

    I am also allergic to titanium as well after having brain surgery with a long exposure, half of my head and face are still itching and swelling after 6 years…. Not all O R instruments are 100% stainless steel!! There is still a small percentage of nickel content.

    Also a big problem is gold and nickel makeup and makeup lids. Ask Maybelline for info on make up.

  75. Oops, almost forgot! Also, don’t forget acidic foods, tomato sauces and gravies!!!

  76. Being a vegetarian and health nut, I was shocked to find out that the healthy foods I was eating were actually making me sick! I’m wondering if anybody has any input about low nickel foods that are high in iron and/or fiber?

    Here’s what I’ve been eating a lot of:
    Fruit (apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, acai berry)
    Probiotic yogurt
    Egg whites
    Cheese (swiss, goat, feta, mozzarella)
    Veggies (bok choy, zucchini, eggplant, squash, peppers, radishes)
    Unbleached enriched wheat bread

    I’d like to eat more veggies, but I’m not sure what is safe to eat. Since lowering my nickel intake, I have experienced less fatigue and much less digestive issues. The low nickel diet is crazy strict, especially for vegetarians, I wish someone would compile a list of what you CAN eat instead of what you can’t.

  77. I suspect I have a nickel allergy. Symptoms: rashes, dishydrotic eczema on hands, eczema on eyelids, arms and around mouth. I just took my earrings out today. I have used cortizone in the past to control the rashes and they left, but never for good. I know steroids are not good for me long term so I’m trying to stay away from them altogether. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow, and what can I eat? I have no idea! How do you get adequate nutrients without eating leafy green veggies?
    Someone send me the diet please.

  78. I’ve had dyshydrotic eczema for years, but I never put a name on it until about a week ago when I had the worst outbreak of my life. My air conditioner broke and I’ve been in 80 degree plus temps non stop (not good for this condition, just so you know!)
    I figured out a while ago eggs made it flare up, but I didn’t realize until I looked at the list on the MELISA site that it’s the nickel IN the eggs giving me the problem!
    I’m thrilled I finally know what this is, what is causing it, and how to attack it, but YIKES on going nickel free. I have ton of other food allergies, so what little I can actually eat is all a no-no!
    I’m going to start an elimiation diet until this break out clears up, then add things back one by one to see what causes a flare and what doesn’t.
    Thanks to PAM for that FDA list. Very helpful.

  79. I just learned that to make hydrogenated oils they use nickel to process the oil. I had already realized that I react to hydrogenated oils and I am guessing that the nickel processing is the reason.
    I know that the soil in which fruits and vegetables are grown affects the nickel content. Does anyone have any idea how to find out what areas in the United States might have low levels of nickel in the soil?

  80. I also have had a nickel allergy since I was in my pre-teen years. I am now 46, and have tried to avoid items I know cause flare-ups. Earlier this year, I developed a rash that I thought was contact dermatitis from nickel products. The rash continually got worse; I have been to the emergency room numerous times between regular dermatology visits because the itch-pain cycles were driving me insane. Losing sleep, etc. I have been diagnosed with dyshydrotic eczema which effects only the hands and feet. The cycles start with deep seated blisters that form into large bulla. When they rupture, I have very deep seated serous fluid oozing swapped up with bleeding from the sores. My hands and feet get so swollen all activities are impossible and terribly painful. I am resigning myself to going on a nickel free diet which I hope will help. I find that cotton gloves with extreme moisterizer (I use Medipeds lotion, Cetaphil and Triderma). When I have to do work around the house or yard and take showers, I buffer my hands with the cotton gloves, and layer a set of nitrile gloves over them for 15-20 min. increments. I am allergic to laytex, and rubber, plastic gloves aggravate my hands intensely without the cotton. Luke warm to cool water baths have helped me immensely. I also limit my handwashing to twice a day and then just let the water run over them. No rubbing! Watch your feet when showering for the metal drain (I think this has made it effect the soles of my feet). Avoid heat, and cut out stress as possible. I use clobetsol as a topical steroid cream. It seems to help until the deep fissures develop, and then I have to stop using it. I have been through 5 major rounds of oral steroids intermingled with massive steroid injections. Is there any thing else I can do?? I work in a hospital in a nonclinical setting, so my last option is U.V. treatment. The longterm psoriasis (sp?) medicine is not an option, because my derm. informed me it shreds the immune system. Got enough problems now! Also, can you recommend a website online that covers household items and daily use items that are nickel free.

  81. Pam, Thanks for that FDA website. Which column should I pay attention to–the Mean or the Median? Not sure what the Std Dev column shows.

  82. Pam, Thanks for the FDA website. Which column should I be looking at though?

  83. Hello Jo Ann, I’ve seen your post about which column to be looking at. I had the same question. I googled mean vs. median and got these definitions:
    Median: The middle value of a set of values.
    Mean: The arithmetic average, computed by adding up a collection
    of numbers and dividing by their count. Hope that helps.
    My situation is different. My partner, who is 35 has just had her third knee replacement, because the surgeon prior to the current one put in a partial and a total knee before that contained Nickel. After the last surgery three weeks ago, she was still breaking out. Since then we have cut out canned food, stopped cooking in our pots, replaced her deoderant. She already has been using Cereve soap, Vanicream lotion, and an amazing steroid cream, which also happens to immediately relieve my painful feet from Rheumatoid Arthritis. We are hoping to get her completely off steroids soon, as her bones are already soft from long term high dose prednisone use. This fda list is by far the most comprehensive list I’ve seen as far as food goes. Does anyone know of something similar for other products, such as toothpaste, soaps, household products, herbal cigarettes?

  84. My dermatologist diagnosed that I have nummular dyshidrotic dermatitis. She advised me to apply betasalic ointment at least twice a day. The blisters get dry but it just keeps getting back. I guess it’s also hereditary because my grandpa has atopic dermatitis. It’s really hard to avoid these foods. I started to make a journal of the food that i have eaten to determine what can aggravate the allergy. Now im trying to avoid food containg nickel like eggs and chocolates. I also try to avoid dairy products cause I have read an article that people with this kind of allergy should avoid that. I have also tried Dr. Kauffman Sulfur soap, at first it was ok but eventually it made it even worse.

  85. Thanks Kay. I just looked at the median because it was listed last.
    I found a really helpful list in the book “Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life” by Cherie Calbom where they listed the nickel and standardized all the portion sizes: Micrograms (Mcg) Nickel per 100 grams edible portion (100 grams = 3 1/2 ounces)
    700 Soybeans, dry; 500 beans, dry; 410 Soy flour; 310 Lentils; 250 Split Peas; 175 Green Beans; 150 Oats; 132 Walnuts; 122 Hazelnuts; 100 Buckwheat; 90 Barley; 90 Corn; 90 Parsley;
    36 Whole wheat; 35 Spinach; 30 Fish; 27 Cucumber; 25 Carrots; 25 Rye Bread; 24 Eggs; 22 Cabbage; 20 Onions; 20 Tomatoes; 16 Apricots; 16 Beef; 16 Oranges; 16 Potatoes; 15 Cheese; 15 Watermelon; 14 Lettuce; 13 Apples; 12 Whole Wheat Bread; 12 Beets; 12 Pears; 8 Grapes; 6 Lamb; 6 Pine Nuts; 6 Radishes; 3 Milk
    For anyone new-Chocolate is also extremely high in nickel. (Sorry)

  86. If you juice from the book, how or which recipes have you used and do you set limit of
    25 to 35 daily. What is low? This is so unusual my Dr. Is studying after wor.

    Question,any hairstylist with the problem? What products do you use in the salon.

  87. melissa i am a nurse and have just been diagnosised with pomthlux hand exzema dyshydrotic eczema its painfull stressful and unsightley i have been on so many web pages to find out more and as i read this page i agree there is a lot of conflicting advise so what does one do
    i have been told that i will have to give up hands on nurseing as the open blisters on my hands make me at risk of infection stress is one of the main causes but then when it flares up it makes you more stredded no win ay im now only eating chicken sweet potatoses and fruit teas im so unhappy this

  88. If I avoid nuts, beans, all soy, chocolate and all hydrogenated oils I don’t get a rash.
    I have fibromyalgia and asthma and I am wondering these are a reaction to the nickel in foods at lower levels. I am also allergic to milk, so I am having a hard time finding healthy foods to eat. I thought I might try juicing vegetables to detoxify and see if it would help the allergies. I haven’t been consistant though, so I have no results yet.

  89. Baltimoron says:

    My husband is severly allergic to nickel and has severe eczema on his legs, feet and stomach. However, we eat mostly vegetarian. My question relates to the fact that you say to avoid leafy green vegetables and beans, legumes. These are healthy foods that your body needs. What do you suggest that he eat instead? It seems that I’d rather have a rash than heart disease or colon cancer….

  90. I think that if I am getting a rash from these foods then, for me, they are not healthy foods. My body does not react to them in a healthy way. I don’t think they would help prevent disease if I am reacting to them in an inflammatory way. I got my rash because I was losing weight by eating very healthy foods and it took 6 months to discover it was my ‘healthy diet’ that was causing the rash. No Fair. So now I am focusing on lean proteins and the lower nickel vegetables. It is very frustrating.
    I would love to find out what farming areas have naturally lower levels of nickel in the soil. If the soil is lower in nickel, the foods would be too. I don’t know how to discover this though.

  91. I have been working with my mom for about 3 years now. Her Dr, has been a great help. Our list to eat is eggs,fish-no shellfish- meat,poultry butter,cheese,milk-no chocolate- yogurt{unflavored) aspargus,red beets,broccoli,brussel sprouts,white cabbage,cauliflower, chinese cabbage,corn,cucumber,dill,eggplant,garlic (in moderation) mushrooms, onions (in moderation) parsley,peppers-green,red,potatoes. Cornflakes,cornmeal,cornstarch,macaroni,popcorn,rice(polished white and in moderation)spaghetti bananas(in moderation) berries (all except rasberries) peaches,pears,raisins,rhubarb.

    Do not eat anything from can. No stainless steel utensils. This has been sucessful for her but you will need to add them slowly if you have not eaten them recently. Only add one item at a time and 3 times a week. if you do not break out your ok. She has also on ocassion eaten spagetti sauce. They say some people will not break out if tomatoes have been cooked, again not can sauce jared is better, if these items are cooked in stainless steel however it will can release nickel. Be sure and do not eat any thing with sorbic or citric acid. Hope this helps. Remeber not every one reacts to the same foods. At least this list has more vegtables for you. Every one should be eating Quinoa. It’s great for you. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  92. Desperate Mom says:

    Hello – Please bear with me in this story. I am a desperate mom with a daughter whose life has been hijacked by disease.

    My daughter has been very sick for two years – she missed her freshman year of high school and is now missing her sophomore year. We have known she has had an extremely severe nickel allergy since 5th grade. The legs on her chairs and desks at school have to be coated with clear paint or she can’t sit in them. At one time she had a rash over 50% of her body. I’ve had to throw away bed sheets from all the bleeding

    In 8th grade she developed a rare disease called Eosinophilic Duodenitis, a disorder where white blood cells in your own immune system (eosinophils) attack the small intestine. She has since developed gastroparesis (very delayed stomach emptying), which has been horrible. Neither disease has a cure, and no doctor has been able to propose a cause. She suffers with stomach pain and nausea 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in addition to migraine, poor sleep, poor concentration, muscle aches, and extreme fatigue. For the last month she has complained of a new, severe pain in her stomach. Last week they performed an endoscopy and found significant inflammation in her stomach that has never been found in her before. We are waiting for biopsy results.

    The role of eosinophils is to defend the body from allergens and parasites. She has been prick tested for allergies for 40 different foods and comes up negative for all of them. (She has also been tested for parasites, celiac, h. Pylori, and diabetes.) I have been told that it is unlikely that her GI problem is an allergy because the stomach breaks down allergens before they reach the small intestine. However, I have proposed to several specialists at children’s hospitals that maybe the eosinophils are attacking because of nickel in her food and have pointed out that nickel would not be broken down by stomach acid – it may even be separated from food and left in a more pure state. The doctors have all treated me like I’m crazy. They told me they scoured the internet and they can’t find any evidence that nickel containing foods can cause a reaction in the body. Now I am looking at your website, and I have many questions.

    Have any you ever heard of someone with a nickel allergy developing a gastrointestinal (esophagus, stomach, small or large intestine) disorder from nickel? What doctors do you see- and where- who advise a nickel free diet for rashes? I live in the Philadelphia area, but I would go anywhere. She had been a vegetarian for two years and developed this GI disease about 4 months after becoming a vegetarian – did any of you notice an increase in your symptoms after switching to a vegetarian diet?

    My daughter has taken many, many medications and none have helped. She has suffered countless side effects, including a 10 pound weight loss in two weeks from vomiting due to 60 mg of prednisone a day. We are broken hearted watching her spend her high school years in a corner of the sofa. She is a very strong person, but any child can only take so much. She is not getting any education at all because she is too nauseous to read and too sick to think. Please help!

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  94. WHere can I get a copy of the nickel free diet? I would like to know what I CAN eat!

  95. Hi Kendal,
    I realize your post is several months old so you may have learned all of this by now, but I will tell you what I have learned about nickel in foods since being diagnosed with my very severe nickel allergy.

    The reason the lists are so unreliable (high on one list and low on another) is that it depends entirely on the soil that the item was grown in. So testing the food itself will vary from one area to another. If food was tested in an area with lower nickel content in the soil, the food item will show a lower nickel content, while that same food will be very high in nickel from an area with high nickel content in the soil. The trick I have used is this: after eating a very “clean” diet, and getting my breakouts under control, I added in a particular food, noting the brand and where it was grown. If I don’t react, it gets added to my “safe” list. If I do, it gets added to the “unsafe” list, and after clearing up, I try a different brand grown in a different area of the country or world. It’s a slow process, but it is working for me.
    Best of luck to you.

  96. Dear Desperate Mom,
    Please email me at

    You may be closer to the truth than you think. I haven’t had the gastrointestinal problems, but I can tell you without a doubt that foods containing nickel can and do affect your body internally. I know this from experience. My asthma has improved, my skin has improved, and I am now in hopes that it will also prove to be the answer to a fungal infection I have been fighting. we are hopeful that now that I have gotten rid of it, I might be able to keep it gone by sticking to a rigid low nickel diet. So please email me, as I would love to discuss all of this with you if you would like.

  97. B Tomlinson says:

    Hi, After reading lots of the blogs and info on other website again I have been back to the skin clinic asked if what I eat affects my exczema. I have been informed as I have a contact allergy to Nickel and Cobalt what I eat does NOT effect my exczema!!!! And I should not believe what I read on the internet, however when I mentioned nickel was in cigarette smoke that was a something they would look into!!!! Fed up with no information, the wrong information and not knowing what to do for the best. A confused Veggie !!!!!

  98. I guess I was very lucky as it was my allergist who informed me that the nickel in foods bothers 5-10% of the people who have contact allergy with nickel. Dr. Cocke in Fullerton, CA.

  99. I have hand eczema for the fist time starting five months ago. I saw three different dermatologists and of course each one told me it is something I’m touching and gave me a different cortizone cream. The last one patch test me with no positive reactions found. I don’t believe it is something I’m touching because i started wearing cotton gloves for months now and it is still here. What i believe is that it is a immune system problem. Something is suppressing the immune system and this is a side effect. I believe people with allergies to gluten, dairy, nickel, etc or carry a lot of stress have suppress immune systems. I have heard doctors say that they don’t what to give cortizone shots because there is a chance that the eczeme could come back worse. Well cortizone suppress the immune system also.

    I am a 41 year old male in good shape and have made it a point to eat healthy. I am very proactive in finding an answer. I’m getting test for gluten, my PH balance in my blood, iron, and a couple of other things. I have not found the cause yet but what has help me suppress the symptoms on my hands are as follows. I wear the cotton gloves a lot, not because i worried about what I’m touching. It is to keep from losing moisture to the items i touch. I have been soaking my hand in Cutar emulsion once a day at night. Two cap full into about two gallon of warm water for at least 20 minutes up to 40 minutes. This helps reduce swelling and redness and helps smooth the skin. This helped me a lot. At night before i go to bed i use a pea size amount of halobestol crortizone cream mixed into about 5 peas sizes of Bag Balm. I mix it well and let soak in as i sleep with my cotton gloves on. I put the Bag Bond on after I shower in the morning and let it soak in with my gloves on, on my way to work. I use loose plastic glove in the shower so i don’t not touch any soap or shampoo products. I not scared of getting my hand wet, but my hand react negatively to soaps and dawn dishing washing soap is the worst. I have been taking 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar to help balance the PH levels in my body. If you have a acidic body it suppresses the immune system. I also take 2 table spoons of flax seed oil which have omega 3 good for the skin and joints. The flax seed oil is another way i am trying to fight it from the inside out.

    My hands currently do not get the fissures or cracking, the color is normal, my skin is soft, but my skin still flakes on the surface in the original spots and new ones from time to time. I was patched test for nickel and it was negative. So I am still looking for the cause.

    If you have a opinion or a thought, please don’t hesitate to give your input.

    All The Best Mike

  100. I come from a family of dermatologists& I’ve also worked in the field. I’ve known that I’ve always had an allergy to nickel just from certain jewelry& certain buttons on my clothing that cause a small rash on my stomach, but I have been suffering from chronic rashes on my neck, arms legs& face for a few years now& no matter what I’ve tried w/ regards to steroid creams (I got to the point where I didnt want to use them as much for fear of thinning my skin) and went through the patch testing routines& a number of things popped up on my patch test that I was astonished to find that I was allergic to, but nickel was the main culprit& I’ve realizsd that so many of the foods that I consume contain nickel& I had no idea! Allergies like this can drive you crazy with all the itching and discomfort & now knowing that it’s more than just avoiding certain jewelry, I’ve found out that there may be relief by following a nickel free diet. The fickle nickel of all things has really been a thorn in my side & I hope that things get better now that I know it’s not just having contact w/ nickel& that it’s also the consumption of it.

  101. I hesistated writing this because I don’t want to give others the impression that this is an easy fix, but I decided that was silly. You can each see if it helps you. I have been doing accupuncture for awhile for my fibromyalgia. The last few times I have asked them to work on allergies too. The very last time I went they put “seeds” (little black seeds taped to the inside of your earlobe) to treat me for allergies. One of the seeds felt so hot it was very uncomfortable for about 5 days. I almost took it off, but then I thought maybe it is doing something and left it on. During Christmas, I cheated and ate some chocolate. Usually within about an hour or two, I would have a little itchy rash, but I didn’t this time. I have tried nuts and beans a little at a time too and still no rash! I am still avoiding high nickel foods for the most part, but the accupuncture seems to have helped.

  102. Hey there, I just got to ready this… and I have been suffering with a severe nickle allergy since that age of abouts 17 and I am now almost 31… I also have to be careful what I consume “very” but I also have severe problems with products that contain citric acid as the citrus contains nickle and almost ever product has citric acid in it… I have been trying to find Nickel free products ie, shampoo, conditioners, hand creams, deodorant or lotions, hand soaps, dish soaps… I need to wear gloves to do anything and everything from washing dishes, to bathing my kids, to preparing dinner, showering myself… my hands can not touch anything at all… now for some reason that anything I eat or touch does effect my hands… but I also react with buckles, ear ring any jewelry those things only affect that area they touch… So what I struggle with is trying to eat healthy and avoid nickel because it is in everything… and I need products that don’t hurt me… Please any advise or help would be greatly appreciated!

  103. I have most of these symptoms and have had multiple food allergies and candida in the gut. I have got rid of the candida but then the symptoms of nickel allergy became worse. I’m being tested next week for nickel allergy and other heavy metal allergies, but I’m somewhat in despair as I had been eating a very healthy diet. It turns out that most of the foods I was eating were very high in nickel, despite the fact that they were very healthy foods.

    I’ve also read about people being treated with nickel sulphate to treat the allergy and desensitize the body. Does anyone know whether the problem is the allergic reaction to the nickel? Or is it nickel toxicity? I think they are different issues, but any information would be very helpful!

  104. I have the same issue! I had bad candidiasis and it took me years to figure out the problem. Now, I have treated myself for that and feel much better, but now I have a horrible nickel allergy. It seems to me this nickel allergy became worse during that period. I am also going in for a patch text this month. I have also read about the nickel sulphate, but I need to research it more. I was tested for heavy metals and came back in normal range, but I’m not sure if nickel would be considered a heavy metal. I quit eating many nickel-rich foods and that helps. I was sad to let go of my favorite veggies…like tomatoes and spinach, but my hand excema is much better without them. I’m still new to this nickel allergy idea, as a dermatologists told me about the possibility last year.

  105. Hi, I’ve had a Nickel allergy for many years, especially in jewllery and buckles on belts, I developed a skin condition called Keratosis Polaris, I’m told that my pores are blocked were my hair can’t come through and my arms get very red and blotchy with pimples on, it looks really horrible and I’m very conscious of it, but when I have a shower or a bath, I come out very red, and if my body gets hot (which it does quite often)the same thing happens,the doctors just gave me cream to put on, doesn’t help one bit, after reading your stories I’m begining to wonder if this skin problem is also to do with Nickel? if any one out there can give me a few tips on how to make this better, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  106. I found that taking vitamin C helps to absorb the nickel, but would probaby be best to detox first. Since taking vitamin C at every meal, my reactions have been less. I also discovered that not all dermatoligists know about nickel in food. I called the one I had seen several years ago and was told point blank “nickel in metal not food.” Anyone having issue with liver enzyme being high? Wondering if there is a relationship between the 2.

  107. The Iron level in my blood is 14.9 out of 15.5 and still very much allergic to Nickel. If I take any extra Iron, my stool is dark (too much Iron), so that’s not the answer. I do know Vitamin C absorbs the Nickel as my skin has gotten better.

  108. For itchy skin and not using prescribed meds, use Aveeno 1% Hydrocortosone cream. For itchy scalp, use Scalpicine. Use these along with taking Vitamin C.

  109. rowena mitchell says:

    hi, i have just found out i have a nickel allergy. i am having a hard time finding a list of root vegetables that are high in nickel. this is one of the foods i was told to avoid. can someone help me with this. thanks

  110. Cally Cathcart says:

    Does anyone have a nickel free diet that is also diabetes friendly…it seems that most of the foods that are good to control your blood sugar are also those high nickel foods…I am really having a problem trying to find a balance of foods that will work for both…thanks

  111. Also, I have started supplementing with iron (solgar gentle iron) and cooking in cast iron. My rash from when I eat nickel foods is greatly reduced. Right after I have a period, my rash is the worst. I know you lose iron while menstrating. Has anyone else seen a correlation between iron and nickel? I read somewhere that if you’re low on iron, the nickel substitutes in and that makes you more sensitive.

  112. Paula Davis says:

    My husband was recently confirmed as having severe nickel sensitivity after having a heart stent implanted 2 years ago that is made of nickel among other things. He is also highly sensitive to Balsam of Peru (spices and flavorings), plants in the daisy family (which has something to do with being sensitive to uva and uvb rays), and to several chemicals including those used to make the polymer coating on the heart stent. We have gotten rid of stainless steel food utensils and pans, stopped all canned foods and foods on the low nickel diet, and he is now using only body care products and detergents, and an SPF 65 Sun Screen on the “Safe List”. There is not much noticable improvement if any. The diet probably wipes out 80% or more of edible foods which means he is existing on the other 10-20%, which we have just found out are more or less all high potassium foods. So now his potassium level is in the high range which is bad for the heart. I would like to know if there is a dietitian that would have any clue on how to make a safe and sustainable diet given all these allergies, specifically the nickel? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Paula

  113. carolyn casten says:

    Check your silverware. Most has nickel.

  114. carolyn casten says:

    Also, do you wear contacts? I had trouble with the thimerisol in the saline solution.

  115. Please forward me a copy of the diet.Suffering badly specially my face neck n head.Thanks in advance.

  116. Pam – thank you so much for posting this document. How did you decide to eat anything under .099? How long have you been on this diet and have you seen any improvement?

    My son and I are both allergic to nickel and I have only just discovered how prevalent it is in food. Any other guidance is very much appreciated! Thank you!

  117. Actually ..those with rashes on their hands face etc..look into “sulfate” and sulfite allergies. I stopped using shampoos and soaps with sulfates and the rash went away..but know Im dealing with metal allergies.

  118. Nigel Stutt says:

    Try eating poppy seeds which extract nickel out of the body more than they add. 2 teaspoons every day for a couple of weeks do the trick and get rid of any nickel allergy rashes for me. Get poppy seeds in most natural remedy/herbal shops.

  119. Wendy Gravett says:

    Have a severe systemic nickel allergy mainly with tap water. Using distilled water to shampoo & bathe. Desperately need some way to filter nickel out of shower water. The activated charcoal or reverse osmosis can only be used with cool or cold water. Need help with this…. Thanks for any suggestions.

  120. Im reading this document… and obviously you didnt produce it so nto having a go at you… but i am a bit confused.

    looking at the LOD for Line 12 “Cheese, Cheddar, natural (Sharp/Mild) is 0.03. Yet there are 12 No Detects from 12 Analyses. How can that be possible. Surely the LOD should aslo be 0.

    Have I missed something? It seemed liek a great document to help my girlfiend through her newly identified Nickel Allergy, but not much good if the figures dont make sense.

    Thansk for your help!

  121. I have been taking solgar iron for a while now and it really has helped. I can eat a little of nickel foods and not get my rash that used to appear within an hour of eating any food high in nickel. Then my new healthcare provider told me to not take the iron any more. Within a week, my rash was back- painful and itchy both. I am back on my iron and again don’t have to be quite so careful. I do limit nickel foods, but can have some without reacting.

  122. I do get my iron level checked every six months though as too high levels of iron can be a problem too. Right now, I’m right in the middle of the acceptable range.

  123. Use Ivory Bar Soap, its the best for nickel free, also use Cetaphil lotions and creams. I’m still looking for a nickel free shampoo, any one having any luck finding nickel free shampoo?

  124. using sulfate free products do not help with a nickel allergy

  125. Terry Ward says:

    The 0.03 in the last column is the smallest amount the test can detect.

  126. PLease, I’m am also looking for nickel-free shampoo and conditioner. I found nickel free hair dye, but that’s it so far.

  127. Thanks Diane! Will do…currently suffering with massive hives due to high nickel hair dye. I’m writing those products down.

  128. What is the name of the nickel free hair dye that someone mentioned?

  129. Sanotint – It is available for shipping from a NY salon and can be bought in Burlington, Ontario salon or ordered online from there as well.

    I was also recommended to use Aveeno, Ivory and Cetaphil products for Health and Beauty.

    For nickel-free jewelry – www.

    For nickel testing kits – or

    Hope this helps others…

  130. Paul Mitchell and Bumble and bumble and most dove products
    just make sure they are P&G products

  131. Actually, Dove is from Unilever. I know b/c I’m a physician spokesperson for Dove. And, yes, they’re great products.

  132. Just checked with the Pure Life Soap Co. & they do not have nickel or any mica trace in the products now. Used to but not now.

  133. i having problem big time trying to find out what as nickel free in everytink sue

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