Skin Care Myths: Body Sweat Makes Acne Worse

Someone thought this interesting enough to actually study it (Harvard and Stanford as a matter of fact — so this is where your research dollars go).exercise

They took three groups of teens for two weeks: one group didn’t exercise, one group exercised then took a shower right away, and one group exercised then waited four hours before they showered (insert requisite sweaty teen joke here). They found that there was no difference in acne among the three groups.

Thanks to Harvard and Stanford, we now know the truth — body sweat does not make your acne worse.

Short, R. et al. Pediatric Dermatology, Volume 25, Number 1, January/February 2008 , pp. 126-128(3)

9 thoughts on “Skin Care Myths: Body Sweat Makes Acne Worse”

  1. sir does skin grow thicker through time or thinner?

  2. My husband and son have planters warts and can not seem to get rid of them. What is the best at home treatment. They have seen a doctor and had some cutting to remove them, but they are still there.

  3. does having bangs make skin get more acne…my parents dont let me cut my hair like that because they think that is the reason why i got acne … but now i dont have bangs..and its still as bad as before

  4. There are so many skin care myths out there that it’s hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. I am convinced through my own experiences that acne starts from within(hormonal imbalance, toxic blood, the need for detoxification, etc.) so to cure it, one must start from within. I’ve been acne-free for some time now and want to share with others…there is hope!

  5. I’m convinced that poor hygiene has a lot to do with acne. I don’t need a study to change my mind. I had acne and I know sweat and not showering afterwards has something to do with acne breakouts. Excuse me…

  6. @Leslie Peot

    Please do not try to cut your skin. I have used something from a drugstore, ont he shelf treatment. It’s a small bottle you apply to the wart. I’m not saying you should do what I did, but I had one on one of the pads of my foot, after a while a thickness from the gellike fluid built up and I was able to pull the wart out completely, attached to the hardened gel.

  7. i struggled with this for sooooooo long, i went to the doctors and had the freeze etc and it never worked. then i got a tip and havent had any for a couple of years. I used a combination of 2 things:

    banana peels
    duct tape

    cut a piece of banana peel and tape it to the spot and leave it for as long as possible i just watched tv or a movie. then take it off and go to sleep with just the duct tape on. 2 weeks mine were gone

  8. I just assumed this was common knowledge. You know I’ve been fighting acne all my life and I think the thing that really helps is washing my face a few times a day. Since I started doing that I haven’t really had any breakouts.

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