Over Half of Dermatologists Provide Cosmetic Services

According to a recent study as reported in Skin and Allergy News, 55% of all dermatologists do cosmetics in their practice. A small percentage (3.5%) reported that they spend over half their time doing only cosmetics. In addition, nearly 4% reported that they do not do medical dermatology at all in their practice.

So what procedure was most performed by dermatologists? Chemical peels, which were done by 51% of physicians.

Botox was performed by 49%, collagen and other fillers 44% and lasers 38%.

Liposuction was performed by only 6% of dermatologists and only 2% of dermatologists reported doing hair transplants.

1 thought on “Over Half of Dermatologists Provide Cosmetic Services”

  1. I once did a post on granola rules about why I didn’t like dermatologists. Your post illustrates one of the reasons why, but more importantly were two other things:

    A local dermatologist has used the kind of advertising that encourages worry and concern about how we look, then offers his practice as the solution. Our culture is already really hard on women, and we hardly need doctors telling us that yes, we should be worrying about our wrinkles and aged skin.

    Then, some dermatologist got hooked up with Bath and Body Works to sell her line of products. In fact, a lot of dermatologists, rather than directing you to the local drug store sell skin care products themselves. This just seems like a bit of a conflict of interest.

    So even though I’m happy to see a dermatologist on here, and I think it is an important medical specialty, I am irritated at the tendancy of some members of the specialty to propogate the harsh beauty expectations towards women.

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