Hand Dermatitis

We’re deep into winter and hand dermatitis is everywhere. Hand dermatitis is a common rash caused by things such as allergies, irritants, or eczema. In the winter it is most often caused by dry hands.

Cold air holds little moisture and dries your skin all over, especially exposed lips and hands. Constant hand washing to ward off a cold that’s going around only exacerbates the problem by stripping your hands of natural oils. Once your hands have become dry and irritated, every time they get wet and soapy, it exacerbates the problem.

Here are four tips for hand dermatitis:

  • Minimize hand washing. Use sanitizer alcohol gels instead.
  • Apply a good hand cream to your hands after every time you do wash them. I often recommend Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Cream® because it has dimethicone (silicone) to help protect your hands against further assault from water.gloves-2.JPG
  • Wash your hands before bed then don’t dry them completely. While they are still moist apply a layer of Vaseline® or other hand ointment to them. Then put on cotton gloves like the ones pictured here. These help to lock in the moisture overnight, and you will wake with softer, soothed hands. Do this for a week and your hand dermatitis will begin to thaw.
  • This technique also works for medicated cream such as AmLactin®, an over the counter cream with lactic acid, which helps soften the scale on your hands. Cotton gloves can also be used with prescription steroids, which are sometimes needed for particularly irritated hand dermatitis.

7 thoughts on “Hand Dermatitis”

  1. Hi, thanks for this information on hand dermatitis. These tips are really helpful, I’ve also found that Skin MD and Gloves in a Bottle work great to lock the natural moisture.

    I once got the chance to try them out but for now I can’t find them in the country I’m in :(.

  2. Although the other tips were great. For me Hand sanitizers with alcohol were not recommended by doctors and always burned (stings) when I use them. I don’t recommend alcohol based sanitizers for hand dermatitis!

  3. i sufferd from hand eczema fore 2 years until i found the right product.
    they gave me a procedure to follow with their cream, i used it fore 3 weeks and the eczema wos gone.

  4. to alex…may i ask what procedure and cream you were advised? ive suffered from hand dermatitis for years and cant seem to find something that works.

  5. Alex, Can I also ask what this was? I cant find anything that works and right now its flared up really bad – also, do others get bilsters (Pompholyx) ?

  6. Great tips for hand dermatitis, thank you for helping. To Kelly and Hatty…Have you looked at Amazon.com for creams i just checked and i’m sure if you type in dermatitis creams there are plenty to choose that may help. Just read others reviews to find out if they have worked for them,good luck.

  7. I started getting eczema on my hands a little bit, then more and more until it was really bad. Now, I have been told I am allergic to nickel, so when I ingest foods with nickel…like chocolate…I have a major outbreak on my hands. Something to look into if you suffer from hand eczema.

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