Eric Dane’s Skin Malignancy

Eric Dane (AKA Dr. McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy) was reported to have been diagnosed with a skin malignancy. The 35 year-old developed a lesion on his upper lip that was diagnosed as sun damaged tissue according to the actor, as reported by OK! Magazine. Dane goes on to say that the freezing treatment (liquid nitrogen) used to treat his problem led to an overreaction of his “sensitive lips” and that he couldn’t eat for weeks, leading to a 10 pound wait loss.

2 thoughts on “Eric Dane’s Skin Malignancy”

  1. I’m sorry, but I guess it seems like the magazine cover is an over reaction. I understand he may have had a reaction that caused the weight loss, but would it have been that scary? I didn’t freak out about my weight loss after my tonsillectomy. And I didn’t need to lose the weight. His battle was against the oversensitivity, but that just doesn’t sound exciting.

    My dad has had several skin cancer lesions over the years and it seems less complicated and painful than the plantar wart removal I had about the same time as his first.

    The word cancer itself does have a lot of scary implications but the fact is that some cancers are just really not that dangerous.

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