Dermatologists Perform More Cosmetic Procedures Than Other Specialties

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Everyone is jumping on the cosmetics bandwagon. I know of a family practice doc, an OB/Gyn, an ER doc, and even a pediatrician who advertise for cosmetics in their practice. (No, the pediatrician is not injecting Botox into kids, he has a spa, for adults).

So which specialty performs the most cosmetic procedures in the office? Drum roll here …

According to data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, it is, you guessed it, dermatology. Forty-eight percent all all office-based cosmetics were performed by dermatologists. Plastic surgery was second at 38% (plastic surgeons also do many more hospital-based cosmetic procedures), all others fell in behind.

The next time you walk into your mall Medispa advertising as “physician supervised” be sure to ask: Can I meet your physician today?

Referencee: Housman et al. What Specialties Perform the Most Common Outpatient Cosmetic Procedures in the United States. Derm Surg 34 (1) , 1–8.

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