The Dangers (or not) of Botox

A recent post from The Daily Green has the folks over at Digg all excited. The title reads:

In Wake of 16 Deaths, Advocates Urge FDA to Improve Botox® Warnings

A study published three years ago showed that there were 28 deaths from Botox by 2002, when Botox was not nearly as popular as it is now. Certainly more than 16 deaths have been associated with Botox by now.

Does that mean Botox is dangerous? Of course not. A death associated with Botox for reporting purposes does not mean Botox was the cause of death. For example, if a person got Botox then was unfortunately hit by a bus, that death could be reported as Botox related.

Are there deaths associated with the actual drug? Probably. Though mostly used for cosmetics, Botox is also used for medical conditions. For instance, it can be a miracle drug for certain neurologic and cerebral palsy patients.

Botox is botulinum toxin. Yes. THE deadly toxin. However, a lethal dose of Botox is estimated at about 3,000 units which is 30 vials. When receiving Botox cosmetically, most patients probably get 1/2 vial or less — that is less than 1/60 of a dangerous dose.

There are thousands of drugs that 60 times the normal dose could be lethal, including plain aspirin. In fact over 100 people die every year from eating a peanut — the odds of a random person dying from eating a peanut is certainly greater than the odds of dying from getting a cosmetic Botox injection.

Just be sure your Botox isn’t overdone; otherwise, you won’t be able to smile about how you cheated death.

2 thoughts on “The Dangers (or not) of Botox”

  1. It’s funny how people refuse to accept the odds, even broccoli can be deadly if taken to extremes I suppose. It’s like a program on NPR I heard this week talking about the dangers of contraceptives and they were saying that compared to the dangers of pregnancy itself the odds are insignificant. I guess I’m a gambler at heart, I tend to play the odds and asses my risk that way. Life is a dangerous thing, can’t completely sterilize it.

  2. Not worried about the safety.

    But I’m just not convinced we should be worried about the wrinkles, either. My grandmother was beautiful. I remember hoping that I ‘wrinkled’ just like her.

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