Over the Counter Wart Treatment Not as Cold as Mine

OK. There’s cold. Then there’s really cold. Growing up in Providence, RI, I can remember waiting for the school bus on frigid January mornings. Some days, it was zero degrees. I can tell you, when it’s zero degrees out, a 30 degree day feels balmy.

It’s the difference between cold and really cold that matters when it comes to treating warts.

A recent study in the Journal of American Association of Dermatology explored the difference between over the counter wart freezer and the one that we use in dermatology clinics. They found that the coldest the over the counter product could achieve was -4° F (-20º Celsius). Pretty cold.

But the liquid nitrogen used in dermatology clinic was colder than -148º F (-100º Celsius), the lowest the sensor could measure — much colder than the over the counter version!

I am sure your wart will be able to tell you the difference.

4 thoughts on “Over the Counter Wart Treatment Not as Cold as Mine”

  1. Darci Kolb, MSN, FNP says:

    I work in a Home BAsed Primary Care Program at a VA. I am the primary medical provider. I have patients I would like to do home treatments to save trip to the VA for liquid nitrogen treatments by derm (primarily for tx of AKs— any good portable units that would be good- that you know of- if so — ordering info please

    Thank you

  2. I’m an intenational physician , and have practiced cryotherapy by liquid nitrogen .I’d like to know how could I buy a liquid nitrogen spray as pictured above ?

  3. Do a google search for “cry-ac” and you’ll see these available for purchase. They run around $1000.

  4. MiniSplits include the almost all Energery Efficent heating system and customizable source

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