Look Beautiful, Save Money

Save your money. Dermatologists agree, spending more money on a cream does not mean you will have better effects.

Despite the promises of many anti-aging products, don’t expect major changes from an over-the-counter cream—regardless of how much you spend on it.

I’m afraid it’s true. Companies such as Oil of Olay and Neutrogena have excellent over the counter products that work just as well as expensive, I’m-a-Beverly-Hills-Dermatologist designer creams. Sometimes the expensive brand is worth the money. Usually, it’s not. Here are five pointers to help you save your hard earned money:

  1. I have never seen an over the counter cream that actually eliminates wrinkles. Nope. Not a one.
  2. Any over the counter face cream, whether you pay $8 or $400, will hydrate your skin, improving the texture of your skin and making your wrinkles less noticeable.
  3. I have never seen a cream eliminate stretch marks. I am sorry — it’s the truth. Stretch marks are tears of the elastic fibers in the deep layers of the skin; creams simply cannot repair that. The good news is that all stretch marks improve with time — they become less pink and less noticeable. This is why people think that the product they used helped and why people swear by a whole range of products from cocoa butter to expensive department store creams.
  4. Try for yourself. Apply Eucerin Body Creme to the stretch marks on the right side of your body. Apply your expensive stretch-mark-eraser-cream of choice to the stretch marks on the left side of your body. Do this for a month. Ask yourself (honestly) and three other people if they can see a difference. They won’t be able to.
  5. There are hundreds of excellent products for your skin. If you have a question, then write to me at Dr (dot) Benabio (at) TheDermBlog (dot) com. Over time, I’ll tell you about the best possible products (and money savers) for your skin.

3 thoughts on “Look Beautiful, Save Money”

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  2. The BEST wrinkle cream is sunscreen and a retinoid at night. Avoiding direct sunlight and protecting the skin is a start. Living in Florida, I see “train wrecks” everyday at the office. Some people just don’t get it. They come in to see the derm, get LN2’d and go back out into the sun without UV protection – they rationalize by saying, “I don’t go to the beach anymore.” (Well you left the house and drove here!!) UGH!!

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