Natural Soy Moisturizer Improves Skin Tone and Texture

aveeno2.gifSoybeans contain a whole host of molecules that act on the skin; the key ones are isoflavones (or phytoestrogens) which are potent antioxidants. They also contain protease inhibitors, which are much less known than the antioxidants but no less potent.

Protease inhibitors are biologically active and act as a switch to shut off pigmentation in the skin. Studies have shown that when used over time, they will actually lighten skin tone. In a recent study of 65 women with sun damaged skin, using a daily soy moisturizer was found to be effective in improving blotchy pigmentation, dullness, texture, and overall skin tone when used for 12 weeks.

Aveeno’s Positively Radiant line has daily facial moisturizers and sunscreens which contains these soy extracts. It has a nice light fragrance and the cream dries with an elegant finish. If you are looking for an alternative to chemical bleaching creams or expensive skin lighteners, then I suggest you try this product for 3 months and see for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Natural Soy Moisturizer Improves Skin Tone and Texture”

  1. When choosing a moisturizer it should smell best, feel best and goes on without feeling greasy. A quality moisturizer should never irritate or burn skin.

  2. I found the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer from the Made from Earth line is the best for improving skin tone. First, it WORKS! The company says to give it 4 weeks, but in as little as 1 there was a noticable difference in my two brown patches (on the driver’s window-side–sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!).

    Also, I have super-sensitive skin which can’t decide if it’s dry or oily or just going to be both with the beginnings of wrinkles, but this product didn’t clog pores or feel gooey, and it didn’t dry me out or make me red.

    It goes a long way – at first I thought it was expensive for 2 ounces but the jar has lasted me two months! Thats how potent it is – im actually saving money by using this because it replaces the other stuff that runs out so quick.

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