Coming Soon: At Home Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is big business with sales in the billions of dollars. Now there is a new laser (currently undergoing FDA scrutiny) that will provide a safe way for women to do laser hair removal at home. Dr. Tina Alster conducted a study of 20 women who underwent treatment of underarm, forearm, bikini, and leg hair removal. The women had hair reduction of 40-75% after 3-4 treatments performed at 2-week intervals. The results were apparently better on the legs as compared to the underarms and bikini area.

The Silk’n hair removal device made by HomeSkinovations, Ltd. is expected to cost about $800 — similar to a laser hair treatment in a dermatologist’s office.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: At Home Laser Hair Removal”

  1. Hair removal is big business,you definitely right and its not that you can also do this om your home so no hastle,i think business at home is a nice idea. lol!

    by: sphin

  2. There would be a great business to deal when it comes on hair removal treatments. This would be an in demand treatment for clinics. Offering a laser hair removal at home would be another alternative to give a hassle free and convenient service.

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